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FloCat MFE Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Flanged magmeter with integral or remote mount display for irrigation and other water applications
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GE Panametrics TransPort PT878 Ultrasonic Flow Meter System
Complete flow metering system includes all the components needed to make accurate, ultrasonic flow measurements
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Rosemount 8800D Series Vortex Flow Meter
Wafer or flanged style Vortex flow meters available with multivariable output and internal temperature sensor option
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GPI TM Series Water Meter
Industrial economy turbine flow meter for use with water applications, 1/2 inch to 4 inch meters, flow ranges to 600 GPM
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King Instrument 7520 / 7530 Series Rotameter
Machined cast acrylic block construction variable area flow meter for water or air, direct reading scale
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Rosemount 8750W Magnetic Flow Meter
High performance magnetic flow meter with transmitter customized for Water, Wastewater and Utility applications
Seametrics MJ Series Pulse Water Meter
Contacting head "pulse" water meters with dry-contact or solid state pickups, not for use with potable water
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Blancett 1100 Turbine Flow Meter
Inline turbine flow meters for corrosive and abrasive fluid measurement, flow range up to 5000 GPM
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Badger Meter RCDL Nutating Disc Flow Meter
Accurate, cost effective solution for metering industrial fluids
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GF Signet 2551 Magmeter
Corrosion resistant insertion magmeter with optional display, accurate measurement even in dirty liquids
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Badger Meter M2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Versatile, user-friendly flow metering system for general purpose applications
Krohne ENVIROMAG 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Electromagnetic flow meter / magmeter for water and wastewater applications
Badger Meter Recordall Turbo Series Flow Meters
For potable cold water in commercial and industrial applications where flow is in one direction only
Rosemount 8700 Series Flanged Flowtube Sensors
8705 and 8707 flanged flowtube sensors for conductive liquids and slurries
Fuji Electric Portaflow-C Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Portable ultrasonic flow meter for noninvasive transit time flow measurement
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GF Signet 9900 Transmitter
SmartPro single channel interface, multi-parameter input selection
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Dynasonics UFX Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Handheld ultrasonic flow meter with handheld doppler sensor and 6.6ft of cable
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GPI G2 Turbine Flow Meter
Flow range from 1 to 200 GPM (formerly known as the RG45-B)
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Krohne OPTIMASS 7000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
The optimum meter for demanding mass flow and density measurement applications of fluids, gases and solids
Rosemount 3051SFC Compact Orifice Flow Meter
Compact differential pressure flow meter ideal for the volumetric measurement of clean liquids, gas, and steam
Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis Flow Meters
High precision flow and density measurement solution with very low pressure drop for liquids, gases, or slurries
Alicat Scientific M Series Mass Flow Meters
An extremely fast, accurate mass flow meter with no warm-up time and unparalleled versatility
Dynasonics TFXL Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Ultrasonic flow meter for liquids with moderate amounts of suspended solids or aeration, replaces the YD50-C
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King Instrument 7510 / 7511 Series Rotameter
Acrylic tube rotameters with in-line connections, replaces the IK55-D
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GF Signet 2536 Rotor-X Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
Low flow Rotor-X paddle wheel flow sensor
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GF Signet 515 Rotor-X Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
Rotor-X paddle wheel flow sensors with sinusoidal frequency output
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Dynasonics TFX Ultra Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Clamp-on ultrasonic flow and energy meters for liquids
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Aalborg GFM Mass Flow Meters
Thermal mass flow meter for clean gases, flow ranges starting from 0 to 10 SCCM to 0 to 1000 SLPM, Replaces the AA30-A
Krohne H250-RR Variable Area Flow Meter
Rugged, all-metal design ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature and media
Micro Motion R-Series Coriolis Flow Meters
Flow and density measurement in a low footprint and drainable design for general process, water, and non-critical applications
GF Signet 2537 Paddlewheel Flow Meter
Low flow capable flow meter, as low as 0.3ft/s, with choice of output and can install into 0.5 to 8 inch pipes
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Alicat Scientific MC Series Mass Flow Controllers
Mass flow controllers for precision gas flow control
King Instrument 7200 Series Rotameter
General purpose rotameter with machined cast acrylic metering tube, replaces the IK55-A
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Krohne OPTIFLUX 4000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Multiple application electromagnetic flow sensor / magmeter
GE Panametrics AquaTrans AT868
Transit time ultrasonic flow meter and liquid flow transmitter
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Seametrics WMP Series Plastic-Bodied Magmeter
Corrosion-resistant electromagnetic flow meter for 1, 2 and 3 inch pipes
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Hedland EZ-View Liquid Flow Meters
Polysulfone variable area flow meters for oil and water
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Dynasonics Series DFX Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Measures the flow of liquids that contain sound reflectors, suspended solids, or gas bubbles
Gems FT-330 Series Turbine Flow Meter
Highly accurate and repeatable turbine flow sensors designed for low flow OEM applications.
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GE Panametrics XMT868i Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter
DigitalFlow transmitter for acoustically conductive fluids, including most clean liquids, and many liquids with entrained solids or gas bubbles
GE Panametrics TransPort PT900 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Single or dual channel ultrasonic flow system configured to your specifications, portable for temporary or spot flow measurement
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Blancett B2800 Flow Monitor
Flow monitor for Blancett turbine flow meters
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Krohne OPTIMASS 1000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Cost effective coriolis mass flow solution for accurate measurement for a variety of applications.
Flo-tech PFM6 Digital Portable Hydraulic Tester
Simultaneously Measures Flow, Pressure and Temperature
Seametrics MJN / MJP Series Pulse Water Meter
Dry top multi-jet design, tolerates low quality water, sensors types: hall-effect device, reed switch, totalizer
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Blancett FloClean Turbine Flow Meter
316L stainless steel turbine flow meter for flow rates up to 400gpm, 3-A sanitary rating optional
Georg Fischer 807 Series Rotameter
Fully customizable rotameter with multiple scale ranges
GF Signet U1000 UltraFlow Ultrasonic Flow Sensor
Clamp-on flow meter as a stand alone meter or as as integral part of control loop
GE Panametrics DigitalFlow DF868 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Fixed-installation, noninvasive liquid flow measurement of velocity, volumetric and energy flow rates using transit time technology
GPI Flomec Pulse / Mechanical Flow Meters
Flow rates as low as 0.5 lph (0.16 gph) and as high as 2500 lph (gph), high accuracy & repeatability, direct reading flowmeter
Rosemount 3051CFA Annubar Flowmeter
Combine the proven 3051C pressure transmitter and the latest primary element technology
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GE Panametrics AquaTrans AT600 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Fixed clamp-on correlation transit-time ultrasonic flow meter for measurement of liquids in general industrial environments
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Lake Monitors Variable Area Flow Monitors
Accurate, dependable flow monitoring in operations up to 6000 psig and flow rates of up to 150 GPM
King Instrument 7430 / 7440 Series Rotameters
Low-flow, borosilicate glass rotameters with optional alarm
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Krohne OPTIFLUX 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Electromagnetic Flow Sensor for Water and Wastewater Applications
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Krohne OPTISONIC 3400 Flow Meter
3 beam, inline, Ultrasonic Flow Meter designed for measuring homogeneous conductive and non-conductive liquids
Greyline Instruments DFM 5.1 Doppler Flow Meter
Non-contact ultrasonic meter accurately displays, transmits, totalizes and controls flow from outside the pipe
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Micro Motion F-Series Coriolis Flow Meters
Highly accurate sensors for mass flow, volume flow, and density measurement in a cleanable compact design
Krohne OPTISONIC 6300P Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Portable clamp-on flowmeter combines mobile and quick liquid measurement with proven precision and reliability
Badger Meter Industrial Turbo Turbine Flow Meter
Flow meter for applications with some high volume and/or high flow rates
Badger Meter Series 200 Flow Sensors
Paddlewheel sensor for accurate flow measurements in pipes up to 40" in diameter
Krohne WATERFLUX 3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Unique rectangular sensor construction results in good low flow performance and a large turndown ratio
AW Gear Meters JV-KG Series Flow Meter
Positive displacement flow meter maintains consistent accuracy despite changing viscosity
GPI Flomec QSE Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Dependable, highly accurate electromagnetic flow meter designed for flow and usage monitoring in commercial applications
Badger Meter Recordall Compound Series Meter
Combine two metering technologies in one innovative package
GPI A1 Turbine Flow Meter
Flow range from 0.3 to 300 GPM (formerly known as the RG45-A)
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Rosemount 3051SFA ProBar Flow Meter
Reliable, cost-effective volumetric differential pressure flow meter
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Krohne OPTIMASS 6000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
High performance mass flow meter for extended temperature applications
Fox Thermal FT3 Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter
Explosion-proof thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter with inline and insertion options
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Dynasonics DXN Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Portable ultrasonic flow and energy meter, available with doppler, transit time and liquid thermal flow technologies
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Fuji Electric Time Delta-C Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Transit time, clamp-on flow meter for noninvasive liquid flow measurement
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Gems RFO Series Paddlewheel Flow Meter
Paddlewheel flow meter with high visibility rotors and 4.5 to 24 VDC Pulse Output
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Rosemount 8711 Wafer Flowtube Sensor
Economical, compact and lightweight alternative to flanged magnetic flowmeters
Seametrics IP800 Series Paddlewheel Flow Meter
Fixed-depth paddlewheel flow meter Replaces ES45-A
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Greyline Instruments TTFM 1.0 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Transit time non-contact flow meter for use with clean, non-aerated liquids like water, chemicals, and oils in full pipes
Badger Meter RCT1000 Coriolis Flow Meter
Remote or integral mount sensor that simultaneously measures mass flow, fluid density and fluid temperature
Seametrics EX800 Series Magmeter
Electromagnetic flow sensor, fixed depth insertion for 1 to 12 inch pipes
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GE Panametrics PanaFlow MV80 Flow Meter
Inline vortex flow meter ideal for steam and gas applications
Brooks Sho-Rate Model 1350 / 1355 Variable Area Flow Meter
Low flow glass tube flow meter, purge applications, ranges up to 34 gph and 140 scfh, interchangeable tubes and floats
Hedland Flow Meter for Petroleum Fluids
Variable area flow meter for petroleum fluids with temperatures to 500°F
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Greyline Instruments DFS 5.1 Doppler Flow Switch
Precision flow control from the outside of metal or plastic pipes
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Fuji Electric FKC Differential Pressure Transmitter
Accurately measure differential pressure, liquid level, gauge pressure or flow rate
Seametrics iMAG4700 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Flanged electromagnetic flow meter available in 4 to 12 inch pipe sizes municipal or industrial water, waste & reclaimed water applications
GF Signet 8150 Flow Totalizer
Battery powered flow totalizer
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Blancett B3000 Flow Monitor
A flexible, durable, easy-to-use platform for flow metering applications
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Gems FT-110 Series Turbine Flow Meter
Ideal for OEM applications involving low flow liquid monitoring
Greyline Instruments AVFM 5.0 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Displays, transmits and totalizes flow through open channels, partially filled pipes and surcharged pipes without a flume or weir
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Fox Thermal FT2A Mass Flow Meter
Thermal mass flow meter and temperature transmitter with inline and insertion options for gas applications
Macnaught MX Series Fuel and Oil Flow Meters
Positive displacement oval gear flow meters optimized for fuel and oil measurement applications
Seametrics FT400 Series Flow Monitor
Microcontroller-based indicator uses the pulse output from flow sensors to compute and display flow rate and flow total
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Badger Meter M5000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
For general purpose, battery operated detection and field verification testing
Krohne OPTIMASS 2000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Large diameter mass flow meter developed to meet the demanding custody transfer requirements of the oil and gas industry
Macnaught IM Series Oval Gear Flow Meter
In-line oval gear technology meters offer fast and accurate fluid measurements for most oil applications
Dwyer WM2 Water Meter
Multi-Jet water meter, brass body, commercial and industrial applications, flow ranges up to 160 GPM
Greyline Instruments PTFM 1.0 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Portable transit time flow meter for accurate flow measurements of clean liquids with less than 2% solids or gas bubbles
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Seametrics WT Series Turbine Flow Meter
In-line 3 to 8 inch turbine flow meter Replaces ES45-C
GF Signet 2552 Magmeter
Metal magmeter / electromagnetic flow sensor for pipes 2 to 102"
Badger Meter SDI Series Flow Sensors
Accurate, economical impeller flow sensors for insertion or hot tap installations
TSI Alnor 4000 Series Mass Flow Meters
Platinum film sensor design, 4 millisecond flow response, NIST-traceable, ±2% of reading accuracy
Kobold MIK Series Magneto-Inductive Flow Meter
Magneto-inductive flow meter is perfect for reliably measuring the flow of conductive liquids
GPI 01A Series Fuel Meter
Aluminum turbine fuel totalizer
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Hedland Flow Meter for Air and Compressed Gases
Variable area flow meter for air and compressed gases
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Krohne OPTIFLUX  1000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Electromagnetic wafer flow sensor / magmeter with sandwich design
Fox Thermal FT1 Mass Flow Meter
Insertion thermal gas mass flow meter & temperature transmitter, 4-20mA primary output with choice of pulse or RS485 secondary
Seametrics SP Series Turbine Flow Meter
Low flow, chemical resistant, in-line turbine flow meter, replaces ES45-BIMPELL
Dwyer WMT2 Multi-Jet Water Meter
Pulse output multi-jet water meter, flow ranges up to 160 GPM, hermetically sealed dry dial
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Sondar SF-500S Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Ultrasonic open channel flow and level measurement for weirs and flumes
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Rosemount 8721 Hygienic Flowtube Sensor
Specifically designed for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications requiring reliable, safe and hygienic design
Seametrics EX100 / 200 Series Magmeter
Electromagnetic flow sensor, insertion style for 3 to 48 inch pipe
King Instrument 7330 Series Rotameter
Polysulfone rotameters with PVC/PVDF union ends. Replaces IK55-B
Badger Meter M1000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Electromagnetic flow meter with sizes from 1/4 to 8 inches featuring sophisticated, processor-based signal conversion accurate to ±0.3%
Badger Meter M3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Non-intrusive flow meter with Class I, Div 2 hazardous location approval for almost any conductive fluid or slurry
Krohne DK32 / DK34 / DK37 Variable Area Flow Meters
Versatile, all-metal flow meters for liquid flow rates to 0.7 gpm and gas flow rates to 2.825 scfm
Flo-tech PFM6BD Bi-Directional Hydraulic Tester
Bi-directional, simultaneously Measures Flow, Pressure and Temperature
Blancett Quiksert Flow Meter
1 to 10 inch wafer-style turbine flow meters with 0.6 to 5000 GPM optional flow rates
Rosemount 2051CFC Compact Orifice Flow Meter
Compact differential pressure flow meter for reliable and accurate flow measurement for gas, liquid and steam applications
GF Signet 2100 Turbine Flow Sensor
Turbine flow sensor for small diameter applications
Gems FT-210 Series Turbine Flow Meter
Proven turbine technology in a small package for low flow applications
Lake Monitors FlowStat Sensors
Stainless steel or polypropylene flow sensors with a range of outputs and ±2% accuracy
GPI 01N Series Water Meter
Nylon turbine meter for water applications
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Macnaught MX Series Industrial Flow Meters
Positive displacement oval gear flow meters designed to cover a broad range of industrial fluid measurement applications
Fuji Electric Portaflow-C Kit for 2 to 48 Inch Pipes
Ultrasonic flow meter, FSSC transducer and all the accessories needed for setting up a flow measurement system on a range of pipe sizes
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Flo-tech Activa Sensor Arrays
Provides flow, temperature, and pressure signals in a compact unit
Rosemount 3051CFC Compact Orifice Flow Meter
Compact differential pressure flow meter for reliable and accurate volumetric flow measurement
Krohne OPTISONIC 6300 Stationary Clamp On Flow Meter
Clamp-on flow meter that can be fitted on the outside of piping to measure the flowrate of liquids
GF Signet 9950 Transmitter
Two channel transmitter/controller can support two sensors of same or different types in one instrument
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GF Signet 2540 Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
Stainless steel high performance paddle wheel flow sensor
Krohne OPTIMASS 3000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Accurately measures fluids, gases and solids in a variety of applications which feature low process flows
Universal Flow Monitors CoolPoint Flow Meter
Vortex shedding flow meter for low viscosity fluids
Seametrics WJ Series Turbine Flow Meter
Dry-register mechanical turbine flow meter with ductile iron body in sizes from 2 to 8 inches
Greyline Instruments OCF 5.0 Open Channel Flow Monitor
Continuously monitor, display, totalize and data log flow through any flume or weir
Kobold PSR/PS Paddle Flow Switch
Paddle type flow switch with a maximum pressure of 1450 PSI for brass and 3600 PSI for SS, replaces the OK15
Rosemount 1195 Integral Orifice Flow Meter
Accurately measures the flow of a liquid, gas, or steam fluid in small pipe applications
Greyline Instruments SLT 5.0 Level & Flow Monitor
Non-contact ultrasonic system used to measure & control liquid level or monitor & totalize open channel flow through any flume or weir
Rosemount 405 Compact Orifice Flow Element
Compact orifice primary element installs easily between any existing raised face flanges without creating additional pipe penetrations
Alicat Scientific Volumetric Liquid Flow Meters and Controllers
Measures differential pressure within a laminar flow region to determine volumetric flow rate
Dwyer UFM Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Cost effective, compact ultrasonic flow meter for non-invasive flow measurement
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GF Signet Portaflow 220 / 330 Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Portable ultrasonic flowmeter, transit time measurement technique, flow velocity range 0.1 m/s to 20 m/s
Greyline Instruments PDFM 5.1 Doppler Flow Meter
Doppler flow meter for flow troubleshooting, balancing and checking performance of permanent flow meters
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GPI Flomec 02 Series Flow Meters
Electric flow meter with scaled pulse output, flow rates up to 30 GPM (113 LPM), ±5% accuracy
Fuji Electric Portaflow-C Kit for 0.5 to 48 Inch Pipes
Ultrasonic flow meter, two transducers and all the accessories needed for setting up a flow measurement system on a range of pipe sizes
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Seametrics FT500 Series Flow Computer
Rate/total flow computers and indicators
King Instrument 7710 Series Rotameter
Stainless steel rotameters with magnetically-coupled dial-type indicators. Replaces IK55-F
TruFlo PFS Flow Switch
Heavy duty all plastic flow switch, corrosion resistant, NEMA 4X enclosure, DIN connector
Brooks SLA5800 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters
Elastomer sealed, digital thermal mass flow meter for general purpose, flow ranges starting at 0.003 to 50 lpm up to 100 to 2500 lpm
Krohne TIDALFLUX 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Electromagnetic flow sensor with integrated, non-contact capacitive level measurement for partially filled pipes
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Blancett Quiksert Gas Flow Meter
Highly accurate inline turbine flow meter for gases
GPI FM300H/R Chemical Meter
Electronic digital disc meter with rugged PBT housing
Yokogawa RAMC Short Stroke Rotameter
Measures flow rates of liquids and gases specializing in troubled, opaque or aggressive mediums
Rosemount 8600 Series Vortex Flowmeter
Utility Vortex Flow Meter designed for general purpose, clean fluids and steam flow applications
Seametrics IP110/210 Series Paddlewheel Flow Sensor
Adjustable depth paddlewheel flow sensor
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Aalborg GFC Mass Flow Controllers
Thermal mass flow controller for clean gases, 10 sccm to 1000 sl/min, replaces the AA30-B
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Micro Motion LF-Series Coriolis Flow Meters
Extremely low-flow and density measurement, down to 0.001kg/hr, and palm-sized for tight spaces
Gems RFI Series Flow Indicator
Easily confirm flow with high visibility rotor
FloCat SF45-A Turbine Flow Sensor
Designed to measure the flow of hydrocarbon fuels and other light transmitting, non-corrosive liquids of similar viscosity
Greyline Instruments Stingray 2.0 Ultrasonic Flow Logger
Compact, battery-powered ultrasonic flow logger for flow monitoring through open channels, partially full sewer pipes and surcharged pipes
Brooks Sho-Rate Model 1358 Variable Area Flow Meters
Interchangeable tubes and floats, 10:1 rangeability, flow ranges up to 5 gpm and 15 scfm, single tube or multi-tube
FloCat C-LB45A-MIL
Heavy Duty Turbine Flow Meter for Fuels with Protective Cage for Extreme Environments
GF Signet 525 Metalex Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
Combines stainless steel construction with insertion paddlewheel technology
GE Panametrics PanaFlow MV82 Flow Meter
Insertion vortex flow meter ideal for steam and gas applications
Brooks Sho-Rate Model 1250 / 1255 Variable Area Flow Meter
Sho-Rate low flow galss tube flow meter, 65 or 150mm scale lengths, 180° rotating lens, EZ-change design
Rosemount 3051SFP ProPlate Flow Meter
Reliable volumetric flow meter with integrated pressure transmitter for simple, cost-effective installation
Kobold DRZ Series Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Piston type positive displacement flow meter with flow ranges from 1.6 to 110 GPH
Micro Motion T-Series Coriolis Flow Meters
Straight tube full-bore Coriolis flow and density meters with built-in balance bar and titanium wetted parts for excellent corrosion resistance
Hedland Flow Meter for Water-based Fluids
Variable area flow meter for water-based fluids and oil/water emulsions with temperatures to 500°F
TruFlo TK Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meters
Designed for corrosive applications, ±1% accuracy, flow range: 0.3m/s to 10m/s, no programming required
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Krohne DK Series Glass Cone Flow Meters
Glass cone variable area flow meters for low flow liquid and gas applications
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Kobold DVZ Series Vortex Flow Meter
The perfect solution for flow applications where reliability and low cost are desired
Kobold RCD Series Differential Pressure Flow Meter
Differential pressure flow meters for liquids and gases, replaces the OK10-CLC
GPI LM51DN Lube Meter
Aluminum construction positive displacement meter for metering engine oils or transmission fluids
Gems FS-380 Series Flow Switch
Compact flow switch for inline pressures up to 1500 psi
King Instrument 7100 Series Rotameter
Stainless steel rotameter great for low flow, high pressure water or air applications
E+E EE771 / EE772 Inline Flow Meter
Inline flow meter for compressed air and gases, 1/2in (DN15) to 3in (DN80) sizes available
Flo-tech USB Hydraulic System Analyzer
Stationary or portable tester for both industrial and mobile hydraulic systems
Blancett B1500 Turbine Flow Meter
Highly accurate and reliable turbine flow meters offer an ideal solution for standard clean, filtered liquid flow applications
Seametrics PE202 Magmeter
Low flow electromagnetic flow meter, straight pipe not required, 8-pin circular bulkhead connector
Flo-tech PFM8 Digital Hydraulic Tester & Dynamometer
Flow, temperature, pressure and power measurements from one point
Micro Motion H-Series Coriolis Flow Meters
Hygienic, compact, and drainable Coriolis flow and density sensors for a wide variety measurement applications with sanitary requirements
Flowline FT10 / GT10 Thermo-Flo Liquid and Gas Flow Switch
General purpose flow switch provides reliable low or no-flow detection of relatively clean, non-coating media with one 1A relay output
Kobold DON Series Oval Gear Flow Meters
Positive displacement flow meter with flow range from 0.13-9.5 GPH through 40-660 GPM, measures viscous liquids
GE Panametrics GS868 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Complete ultrasonic flow metering system that measures saturated or superheated steam
Krohne OPTIFLUX 6000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Electromagnetic flow sensor / magmeter for sanitary and hygienic applications
AW Gear Meters RT-30EX Flow Transmitter
Explosion-proof local flow rate and total display with NEMA 4X weather proof enclosure
E+E EE741 Inline Flow Meter
Modular, compact, inline flow meter for compressed air and gases, hot film sensor element
Gems FS-200 Series Flow Switch
Ideal for detection of improper flow rates in high volume lubrication, cooling or process systems
Hedland Water and Other Fluid Flow Meters
Variable area flow meter for water and other fluids at temperatures of -20 to 240°F, stainless steel or brass, 1/4 to 3in sizes available
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Blancett B2900 Flow Monitor
Offers advanced digital signal processing technology in a flexible, easy-to-access package
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Kobold SM Variable Area Flow Switch/Flow Meter
All metal, high pressure flow meter and switch for easy vertical or horizontal installation
AW Gear Meters JV-CG Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Flow ranges 0.001 to 20 GPM for non-lubricating fluids
Alicat Scientific Whisper MW Series Mass Flow Meter
Low pressure drop flow meters for use in systems with very low differential pressure availability
King Instrument 7460 Series Rotameter
Rotameter for gases or liquids with 75mm scale Borosilicate Kinglass metering tube
Brooks Quantim Series Coriolis Mass Flow Controllers & Meters
Low flow coriolis mass flow measurement and control, range from 0.001 up to more than 27 kg/hr, proprietary optical sensing technique
Kobold Kal-K and Kal-A Flow Sensors
Compact, thermal flow sensors with microprocessor-based drift stabilization
King Instrument 7650 Series Rotameter
Chemically resistant, borosilicate glass tube meter series for liquid service
Badger Meter Model 3000 Flow Monitor
Economical, full featured digital flow monitor
Fuji Electric Duosonics Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Highly accurate combination pulse Doppler and transit time flow meter
Flo-tech Classic Turbine Flow Sensor
Measures Flow Rate Providing Frequency or Analog Output
Badger Meter PC200 Industrial Process Controller
Designed for batching and filling any quantity as well as displaying total, accumulated total and flow rate
Krohne H250-C Variable Area Flow Meter
Rugged, all-metal design with PTFE/ceramic liner for aggressive media
Alicat Scientific MB Series Mass Flow Meter
Portable, rechargeable meter that measures mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature & pressure
Krohne OPTIFLUX 5000F-FL Flanged Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Flanged electromagnetic flow sensor / magmeter (1/2 to 10 inch diameter)
Brooks GF100 / GF120 / GF125 Mass Flow Controllers
High Purity and Ultra-High Purity Digital Thermal Mass Flow Devices, flow range from 3 sccm to 55 slm, MultiFlo capabilities
Krohne H250-F Variable Area Flow Meter
Rugged, all-metal flow meter for liquids, gases and saturated steam in hygienic applications
GPI GSCPS Series Turbine Flow Meter
High Temperature precision turbine flow meters with sanitary clamp process connection with 3-A sanitary rating
Greyline Instruments MantaRay Ultrasonic Flow Monitor
Portable, battery-powered open channel flow meter with 4-20mA and relay outputs for connection to samplers, SCADA and telemetry systems
Krohne Altosonic V12 Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter
12-chord ultrasonic gas flowmeter for custody transfer
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Brooks Model 3750 Variable Area Flow Meters
All metal variable area flow meter, flow ranges up to 100 I/h or 26 GPH, 316 stainless steel or monel K-500 parts
Lake Monitors ClearView Flow Meter
Economical way to monitor municipal pressure water flows, observe case drain flows, and verify pump outputs
AW Gear Meters RT-30 Flow Transmitter
Local rate and total display with NEMA 4X weather proof enclosure, can be mounted directly on flow meter or in remote location
Badger Meter RCT1000 Transmitter
NEMA 4 (IP-65) enclosure, temp range: 14 to 160°F (-10 to 70°C), built–in 100 Ω Platinum RTD within the sensor body
Aalborg XFM Mass Flow Meters
Digital thermal mass flow meters for clean gases
Alicat Scientific MCS Series Stainless Steel Mass Flow Controllers
Stainless steel mass flow controllers for use with aggressive gases
TruFlo UltraFlo 4000 Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter
No moving parts, completely corrosion resistant, IP67 enclosure, measures continuous, dosing pulsating flow
GE Panametrics PanaFlow Z3 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Three-path, wetted ultrasonic flow meter, range (bidirectional) -40 to 40 ft/s, Measurement independent of temperature, pressure, and conductivity
Gems FS-4 Series Flow Switch
Makes flow protection economical for a broad range of industrial applications
Rosemount 3051CFP Integral Orifice Flowmeter
Self-centering plate design eliminates installation errors that are magnified in small line sizes
Kobold KSV Series Flow Meters
Very low flows, acid and caustic-proof, shock resistant, small size
GE Panametrics XGS868i Steam Ultrasonic Flow Meter
DigitalFlow ultrasonic transmitter designed to measure the mass flow rate of saturated or superheated steam
Seametrics AO55 Blind Analog Transmitter
Loop-powered blind analog transmitter
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Gems RFA Series Paddlewheel Flow Meter
Paddlewheel flow meter with high visibility rotors and 0-10 VDC Analog Output
Badger Meter Series 735 Flow Sensors
Impeller flow sensors for accurate metering of flow velocities from 2 to 20 ft/second
Fuji Electric Portaflow-C Kit for 0.5 to 4 Inch Pipes
Ultrasonic flow meter, FSSD transducer and all the accessories needed for setting up a flow measurement system on a range of pipe sizes
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W.E. Anderson TDFS Flow Switch
Non-mechanical, thermal dispersion flow switch with low pressure drop and long term reliability
KEP BATCHtrol-II Batch Controller
Start/stop buttons with remote inputs and two stage valve control
Greyline Instruments PT400 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Portable transit time flow meter is ideal for spot checks or for extended operation as a 4-20mA flow transmitter
King Instrument 7450 Series Rotameter
Rotameter with 75 or 150mm borosilicate glass metering tube
Flo-tech MC4000 Hydraulic System Analyzer
Handheld analyzer combines turbine flow meter with inputs for two pressure sensors, one temperature sensor, and one active pick-up for RPM measurements
Gems FS-380P Series Flow Switch
Industrial strength, inline plastic flow switch
KEP MB2 MINI-Batcher Flow Batcher
Display shows batch amount, rate and batch/grand total at the push of a button
Badger Meter M4000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Non-intrusive flow meter with Class I, Div 1 hazardous location approval for almost any conductive fluid or slurry
Teksco CompuFlow Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Fixed or portable Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter for high solid-content applications
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Gems FS-927 Series Flow Switch
Compact flow switches are ideal for use where space is at a premium
Kobold KSM Series Flow Meters
Rugged, corrosion resistant, KSM are based on the float principle
Brooks BM01 / BM02 Positive Displacement Flow Meters
Low flow range of 0.53 to 132 GPH (2 to 500 LPH), low pressure drop, viscosity to 1000 Cp, accuracy 1%
Kobold REG Automatic Flow Regulating Valves
Keeps the flow of liquid constant by decreasing the cross-section of an orifice proportionally as the pressure increases
Gems FS-550 Series Flow Switch
High pressure, metal paddle switch senses liquid flow in either direction to monitor flow/no-flow conditions
Seametrics SEB Series Turbine Flow Meter
Metal-bodied turbine flow meter for in-line clean water applications, replaces ES45-BSING
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GPI GF Series Turbine Flow Meter
Precision turbine flow meters with flanged process connection
Kobold BGF Series Variable Area Flow Meter
Ideal for processes under difficult and rough operating conditions
Kobold DPM Pelton Wheel Flow Sensor
Pelton wheel turbine flow meter for locations where space is tight, replaces the OK45
Krohne Summit 8800 Flow Computer
Digital flow computer with touch/screen graphic display
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Flowline LC10 / LC11 Switch Pro Level Controller
Compact level switch, two configurations for pump and valve control, fail safe relay control of pumps or valves with 0-60 second delay
GF Signet 2507 Mini Flow Sensor
Mini flow sensor with free-running rotor driven by fluid flow
Badger Meter Oscillating Piston Flow Meter
Postive Displacement Oscillating Piston Flow Meters, 1/2", 1" and 2" sizes available, flows up to 100 gpm, ±0.5% accuracy
Kobold VKP Series Flow Meters
Viscosity-compensated plastic flow meters and switches, reduced float jamming
Kobold VKM Variable Area Flow Meter
High pressure viscosity compensated flow meter with optional switch
Kobold DKF Series Paddlewheel Flow Indicator
Ideal for flow indications that need to be seen from an elevated position
Testo 6440 Series Compressed Air Flow Meters
Measures compressed air flow to aid in the determination of leakage, consumption and the implementation of peak load management
Krohne Altosonic III
Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Custody Transfer
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Brooks Model 1305 Variable Area Flow Meter
Glass tube variable area flow meter, o-ring seal construction, ranges 0.8 to 25 gpm (3 to 50 scfm)
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Lake Monitors FreeFlow Differential Pressure Flow Meter
Minimally invasive, low cost flow meter for monitoring and controlling process water
AW Gear Meters ZHM Series Positive Displacement Flow Meter
High pressure positive displacement flow meter for flow ranges from 0.001 to 265 GPM
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Micro Motion LFT-Series Flow Transmitter
Specially designed to work with LF-Series coriolis flow sensors on your low-flow applications
Badger Meter Model 310 Analog Transmitter
Programmable transmitter for converting flow signals to a linear 4-20mA analog signal
Badger Meter Series 4000 Flow Sensor
Flow detection electronics can be serviced or replaced without opening the pipe, no exposure to wetted parts
Hedland High Pressure Flow Meter for Phosphate Ester Fluids
Variable area flow meter for Phosphate Ester fluids with pressures to 6000psi
Macnaught MX Series Solvent Flow Meters
Positive displacement oval gear flow meters optimized for solvent measurement applications, Intrinsically Safe options are available
AW Gear Meters TRG Series Turbine Flow Meters
Rugged 316 stainless steel construction, ranges 0.08 to 5,000 GPM (gal/min)
Lake Monitors Case Drain Monitor
Affordable alternative to using a standard flow meter for case drain applications
Kobold DAA Flow Indicator
Visual flow indicator with self-cleaning mechanism and optional plastic rotor
Gems FS-480 Series Flow Switch
Large-body inline flow switches deliver ample flow rates with minimal pressure drop
Kobold BGN Series Variable Area Flow Meter
All directions of flow, shows current flow rate in volume or mass per unit in time
AW Gear Meters MicroFlow Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Ideal for flow measurement of low and medium viscosity fluids at very low flow rates
TruFlo TKW Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meters
±1% Accuracy, corrosion resistant materials, flow range 0.3 to 10m/s (0.98 to 32.8 ft/s)
Yokogawa RAGL 41 Laboratory Rotameter
Large measuring range, Low pressure loss, anti-static measuring
Gems FS-600 Series Flow Switch
Thermal dispersion technology provides a robust flow switch with no moving parts
Macnaught MX Series Intrinsically Safe Industrial Flow Meters
Intrinsically safe positive displacement oval gear flow meter designed for industrial fluid measurement applications
Kobold KAL-D Compact Thermal Flow Switch
Compact flow switch with microcontroller for outstanding temperature compensation
TruFlo ProPulse Series Turbine Flow Meter
Universal body, ±1% full scale accuracy, all plastic PVDF body, rotor, sapphire bearings, excellent chemical resistance
KEP SUPERtrol-II Flow Computer
Can be used with a variety of flow meter types in liquid, gas, steam and heat applications
Rosemount 2051CFP Integral Orifice Flowmeter
Combines the 2051C pressure transmitter and the latest primary element technology
Brooks Model 1307 Variable Area Flow Meter
Glass tube variable Area flow meter, o-ring seal construction, measures water up to 10 GPM and air up to 45 scfm
Alicat Scientific Whisper MWB Series Mass Flow Meter
Portable, rechargeable mass flow meter with low pressure drop for use in systems with very low differential pressure availability
AW Gear Meters JVS-SLG Series Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Positive displacement flow meters for water and solvent-based paints and coatings
Yokogawa RAGK Rotameter
Transparent tube gives you full insight into the process and position of the float
King Instruments 7310 Rotameter
Molded Polysulfone rotameter with 304 stainless steel case for lighter duty applications where a case enclosed meter is preferred
Kobold DKB Flow Indicator
Domed sight glass for easy verification of air or liquid flow
Seametrics IP150/250 Series Hot-Tap Paddlewheel Flow Sensor
Adjustable depth paddlewheel flow sensor with hot-tap feature
KEP ES-749 SUPERtrol-II Flow Computer
Satisfies the instrument requirements for a variety of flow meter types in liquid, gas, steam and heat applications
TruFlo UltraFlo 5000 Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter
PVDF or PE Ultrasonic Flow Meter, completely corrosion resistant, IP67 enclosure, measures continuous, dosing, pulsating flow
Greyline Instruments ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter
Magnetic flow meter with simplified hot tap insertion design measures the flow of water and conductive liquids in full pipes from 3 to 72"
GF Signet 2000 MicroFlow Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
Paddle wheel flow sensor for clear or dark liquids
Badger Meter EPM-2 ADV-SF Oval Gear Meter
Electronic preset meter designed specifically to meter and dispense bulk fluids
TruFlo PM Series Electromagnetic Flow Meter
PVDF Plastic Mag Meter, ranges From 0.25 to 150 L/min (0.06 to 40 GPM), no moving parts
Krohne OPTISWIRL 4200 Vortex Flow Meter
Gross and net heat measurement for hot water and steam, stable measurements under demanding process conditions
GE Panametrics PanaFlow Z1G Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Complete ultrasonic flow metering system specifically designed for the measurement of virtually any gas especially those with high levels of impurities
Brooks GF40 Mass Flow Controller
Elastomer sealed thermal mass flow controllers and meter, multiflo technology, Flow ranges 3 sccm to 50 slpm
King Instrument 7480 Series Rotameter
Borosilicate glass metering tube with 250 mm scale
TruFlo UFS Series Flow Switch
All plastic design, N/O or N/C operation, cut to size, vertical or horizontal installation
Badger Meter Model 320 Pulse Transmitter
Programmable transmitter for converting flow signals to a scaled units/pulse signal
Krohne UFM 530 HT Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Dual beam, accurate, repeatable and long-lasting performance
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Hedland Flow Meter For A.P.I. Oil / Caustic and Corrosive Liquids
Variable area flow meter for A.P.I. oil / caustic and corrosive liquids, T316 Stainless body, piston and cone, accuracy ±2% full scale
KEP MINItrol Ratemeter / Totalizer
Separate Scaling Factors For A & B Inputs, Pulse Input - 10 kHz Max
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Flo-tech Ultima Sensor Array
Simultaneously Measures Flow, Pressure and Temperature
King Instrument 7610 Series Rotameter
Borosilicate glass rotameters with optional alarm. Replaces IK55-E
Brooks Model 1306 Variable Area Flow Meter
Glass tube variable Area flow meter, o-ring seal construction, up to 590 gph and up to 39 scfm
Badger Meter 3050 Energy Monitor
Provides an accurate measurement of total thermal energy along with temperature and liquid flow in closed pipe systems
GPI GSCP Series Turbine Flow Meter
Precision turbine flow meters with Tri-Clover sanitary clamp process connection
Krohne OPTIFLUX 5000F-SW Sandwich Style Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
Sandwich style electromagnetic flow sensor / magmeter (1/10 to 4 inch diameter)
King Instrument 7470 Series Rotameter
127mm scale glass tube rotameter
TruFlo LSS Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meter
Insertion style, ±0.75% accuracy, pipe sizes from 1/2" to 24", Nema 4X (IP66) protection
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GPI G Series Turbine Flow Meter
Precision turbine flow meters with NPT, BSP or ISO process connection
Gems FS-500 Series Flow Switch
Low cost flow monitoring with a variety of switch actuation points and low pressure drop
AW Gear Meters SRZ Helical Gear Flow Meters
Measures polyurethanes and polymer, glues and sealing materials and heavy fuel oils
TruFlo UltraFlo 1000 Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Heavy duty design, completely corrosion resistant, IP67 enclosure, flared ends
Gems FS-925 Series Flow Switch
Precision-calibrated flow switches for reliable and consistent performance
Alicat Scientific MS Series Stainless Steel Mass Flow Meters
An extremely fast, accurate, stainless steel mass flow meter for use with aggressive gases
Krohne Altosonic V
High precision device for custody transfer of petroleum, petroleum products and liquefied gas.
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Krohne OPTISWIRL 4070 Vortex Flow Meter
2-wire technology, SST construction with high corrosion, pressure, temperature resistance
Greyline Instruments DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter
Differential level and control plus open channel flow monitoring with two non-contacting ultrasonic sensors
Kobold DOR Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meter
Cost effective, exceptional tolerance to dirt and solids
Kobold DMH Series Inductive Flow Meter
Rough ambient conditions, measures flow rate of electrically conductive materials
Kobold SV Float Type Flow Meters and Flow Switches
Compact float type flow meters and switches in brass or stainless steel, replaces the OK55
Yokogawa RAKD Rotameter
Robust, compact, designed for low flows and high pressure applications
King Instrument 7750 Series Rotameter
Stainless steel rotameter with flange connections and optional 4-20mA transmitter
AW Gear Meters TA-3 Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter
Range of 0.6 to 400 GPM (gal/min), high accuracy ±0.5%, repeatability of ±0.1%
Seametrics PS40 Pulse Splitter
Solid state outputs plus one relay (dry contact), allows single meter to operate multiple devices
King Instrument 7910 Series Rotameter
Borosilicate glass rotatmeters with optional alarm
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Brooks SLAMf Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters
Highly configurable platform, flow ranges 0.003 up to 2500 lpm, NEMA4X / IP66 rated enclosure
Seametrics SES Series Turbine Flow Meter
Single-jet turbine flow meter in an extremely rugged stainless steel package
AW Gear Meters JVK Series Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Positive displacement flow meter with Kynar body for acid and caustic chemicals
Alicat Scientific Whisper MCW Series Mass Flow Controller
Low pressure drop flow controller for use in systems with very low differential pressure availability
KEP INTELLECT-69 Ratemeter / Totalizer
High/low scaling from front panel, 2 set points assignable to rate or total
Alicat Scientific MCQ Series Mass Flow Controller
Provides precision gas flow control for applications with line pressures up to 320 psi
Alicat MCD Series Bidirectional Mass Flow Controller
Controls mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate and pressure of process gases in two flow directions, corrosion resistant and low pressure drop models available
AW Gear Meters HM…TC-AC/S Series Flow Meters
Ideal for high pressures, pressures up to 15,000 psi, seven flow ranges available
Kobold VKG Variable Area Flow Meter
Viscosity compensated flowmeter with optional switch
Gems FS-926 Series Flow Switch
Precision flow switch with 1% repeatability for low flow applications
King Instrument 7459 Series Rotameter
Aluminum side plate rotameter with a 250mm scale borosilicate glass metering tube
King Instrument 7720 Series Rotameter
Rugged PVC rotameters with magnetically-coupled dial-type indicator. Replaces IK55-G
Seametrics PD10 Pulse Divider
1 to 9999 divider range, allows easy modification of pulse rate
Gems FS-10798 Series Flow Switch
Externally adjustable flow switches offer an infinite number of flow settings at pressures up to 1000 psig
TruFlo LS Series Paddle Wheel Flow Transmitter
Insertion style, ±0.75% accuracy, pipe sizes from 1/2" to 24", Nema 4X (IP66) protection, ceramic rotor pin, ceramic bearings
Gems FS-400P Series Flow Switch
Transparent PVC housing is ideal for use where visual flow confirmation is desirable
Gems FS-150 Series Flow Switch
Flow switch with a unique, dual-diameter, internal bore and piston configuration to minimize flow constriction
Gems RFS Series Flow Switch
Combines visual confirmation of flow with dynamic, electronic switch operation
Alicat Scientific MQ Series Mass Flow Meters
An extremely fast, accurate mass flow meter with no warm-up time, unparalleled versatility for inlet pressures up to 320 psia
AW Gear Meters EMO-3000 PID Series Multi-Channel Flow Computer
Out-of-the-box flow control solution controls as many as four lines without the need for a PLC
Kobold TSK Series Flap Flow Meter
All directions of flow, ideal for processes under difficult and adverse operating conditions
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Flo-tech Quad Series Turbine Flow Sensor
Provides Bi-directional Flow Rate Measurement
Brooks GF80 / GF81 Mass Flow Controllers
Digital mass flow controllers and meters, metal seals, multiflo capabilities, flow ranges from 3 sccm up to 300 slm
KEP DRT Dual Ratemeter / Totalizer
Two separate rate/total displays with combination function
Hedland Flow Meter for Caustic Air and Gases
Variable area flow meter for caustic and corrosive gases
Flowline LC30 Thermo-Flo Flow Controller
Compact flow switch w/ fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves w/ 0-60 second delay, provides one 16A relay for low-flow pump or process protection
Kobold KAL-L Thermal Air Flow Switch
Capable of rapid detection of flow rate change of non-hazardous gases
King Instruments Silver Series Flow Meter
Removable glass tube flow meters with powder-coated 304SS case & molded polycarbonate shield cover
KEP MS-716 SUPERtrol-I Flow Computer
Special version of the SUPERtrol-1 flow computer which is supplied in a vehicle mount enclosure
TruFlo NC-25 Flow & Level Switch
All-plastic design, non-intrusive design, fits pipe diameters from 3/8 to 1/2", NPN open collector output
Brooks GF101 / GF121 / GF126 Mass Flow Controllers
High purity / ultra-high purity high flow digital mass flow devices, flow rates up to 300 slpm, corrosion resistant hastelloy C-22 sensor tube
Brooks GF135 Thermal Mass Flow Controller
Pressure transient insensitive mass flow controller with real-time flow error detection and advanced diagnostics
Flo-tech F6301 Series Pressure Sensors
4-20 mA electrical output, long term stability and repeatability
AW Gear Meters EMO-500 Two Component Ratio Monitor
Display independent flow rates, totals, or A/B, A+B or A-B relationships
Gems FS-930 Series Flow Switch
Unique piston design assures accuracy over a full range of viscosities for applications where liquids of different viscosities are blended
TruFlo TK3 Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meters
Multi-function stainless steel body flow meters, ±1% accuracy, flow range: 0.3m/s to 10m/s, no programming required
KEP 525K Adding Counter and Tachometer
2 button programming, Count frequency up to 10kHz
KEP BAT R/T-M Ratemeter / Totalizer
Accepts Inputs From: Magnetic Pickups, Contact Closures, DC Pulses (Optically Isolated) from Pulse Producing Flowmeters
Yokogawa RAGN Rotameter
Designed for aggressive applications, turnable splinter shield
KEP MS-748 SUPERtrol-II Flow Computer
Rugged, field mount multi-function computer with liquid, gas and heat flow equations
AW Gear Meters HM...F Series Flow Meters
Low viscosity fluids flowing under extremely high pressure, Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading or better
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KEP SHPFI Loop Powered Flow Transmitter
Smart frequency to current flow transmitter with scaled pulse output
Flowline AX1X Thermo-Flo Flow Controller
Compact flow switch, reliable low flow or no flow detection of relatively clean non-coating media with a 16A relay
KEP ES-762 SUPERtrol-II Flow Computer
Special version of KEP's SUPERtrol-II which allows users to access heating and cooling total when using liquid delta heat equation
AW Gear Meters MX 9000 Process Monitor
Rate, total, limit, batch and ratio options, single or dual channel, USB-B serial port for serial protocol communication
KEP KEPtrol R/T Ratemeter / Totalizer
Pulse or Analog Input Ordering Options, Display Total, Rate or Grand Total
Badger Meter Model 3700 Data Acquisition Server
Powerful data acquisition server that allows users to log data easily and efficiently
KEP ES-747 SUPERtrol-I Flow Computer
Flow computer designed for pulse producing flow meters in liquid and gas applications
$967.00 to $2,061.00
Kobold SMN Flow Switches
Measures low flow with minimum pressure loss at high flow rates
KEP 529K / 530K Analog Display
Rate Display or Rate and Total Display
Flowline LC80 / LC82 Remote Flow Controller
Remote Flow Switch, offered in two configurations for low-flow pump and process protection, fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves
Badger Meter Model 340 Energy Transmitter
Economical, compact device for sub-metering applications
KEP SQUIRT Loop Powered Indicator
Ratemeter / totalizer with linear or square root extraction of input
KEP SUPERtrol-I Flow Computer
Multi-function flow totalizer, ratemeter and batcher
AW Gear Meters EMO-3000 Multi-Channel Flow Computer
One to four channels and expandable up to 12 channels
Gems FS-400 Series Flow Switch
Highly accurate, general purpose flow switch with 90° flow path
KEP MINItrol-PW Ratemeter / Totalizer
NEMA 4X / IP65 Front Panel, Display Rate & Total
Badger Meter Model 330 Relay Transmitter
Programmable relay control for converting flow signals into a flow switch
KEP RTP Dual Ratemeter / Totalizer
Two pulse and three control inputs, Separate Scaling Factors For A & B Inputs
KEP ES-756 Ratemeter & Totalizer
Integrating totalizer and ratemeter which accepts analog signal inputs
KEP ES-759 SUPERtrol-II Flow Computer
Utility metering flow computer with both heating total and cooling total capabilities
KEP NAMUR R/T Ratemeter / Totalizer
CSA Listed, Separate Scaling Factors For A & B Inputs
KEP BAT RAT-M Ratemeter / Totalizer
UL/C-UL Intrinsically Safe Listed, Magnetic Pickup Input, Contact Closure Input, DC Pulse Input (Optically Isolated)
KEP SUPERtrol-ILE Flow Computer
For use with pulse producing flow meter types in liquid applications
Level Pro TVF Series Flow Controller
Displays of instantaneous flow rate and the total flow values, NEMA 4X enclosure, 2 relay outputs
Aalborg SDPROC Command Module
Microprocessor-driven command module
KEP BAT D/T-M Dual Totalizer
UL/C-UL Intrinsically Safe Listed, Magnetic Pickup Input, Contact Closure Input, DC Pulse Input (Optically Isolated)
Flowline AZ13 / AU13 / AV13 Switch Pak Level Controller
Level switch, Polypropylene or PVDF single-point package for corrosive liquids, fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves with 0-60 second delay
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KEP MINItrol-S Ratemeter / Totalizer
Separate Scaling Factors For Rate & Total, CSA Listed
KEP SQUIRT-R Loop Powered Indicator
Linear or square root extraction of input
GE Panametrics TransPort PT878GC Gas Flow Meter
Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter designed for natural gas pipeline, compressed air, inert gas or any compressed gas applications
Krohne OPTIFLUX 7300 Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Non wetted electrodes, ceramic liner, no insulation of electrodes, low conductivities to 0.05 μS/cm