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  • Displays:
    • A Rate, A Total,
    • B Rate, B Total,
    • A+B Rate, A+B Total,
    • A-B Rate, A-B Total,
    • Grand Total
  • Two relay outputs with LED Indication
  • Security lockout
  • 4-20 mA output option
  • NVRAM to retain data on power failure
  • NEMA 4 / IP65 Front Panel


The KEP RTP Dual Ratemeter / Totalizer is a presettable Ratemeter and Totalizer from two pulse inputs. It can show rate and total at the same time on the 2 X 16 backlit LCD display. Both inputs can have up to 16 point linearizing k factors. The unit can be connected in a network for Data Acquisition.

The RTP can accept two pulse inputs ( A&B ). It computes rate and total of A, B, A+B and A-B. For both inputs the user can define up to 16 points of "k" factors. This allows linearization of the displayed rate, which is useful in improving the accuracy of the flowmeter. The rate is computed within 300 ms per input. To stabilize the rate display, the user can select normalizing factor, which allows weighted average to be shown. Moreover, for rate displays, a time delay of up to 25 seconds can also be selected.

The RTP has three Control Inputs, i.e. Input C, Input D and Input E (Only C & D with RS485 option). Each input can be configured to start/stop each counter or reset each counter and Control Output. These inputs can also perform different control actions like printing on serial port, lock unit and freeze display.