King Instrument 7200 Series Rotameter
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  • 5 inch (127mm) direct reading scale
  • 1 to 200GPM (water) or 4 to 245SCFM (air)
    • ±3% to ±6% full scale accuracy
  • 10:1 to 12.5:1 turndown ratio unless otherwise indicated
  • 1 to 2% Repeatability
  • 130°F (54°C) (water) or 100°F (38°C) (air) max temp
    • 33 to 125°F (1 to 52°C) ambient temp
  • 150 psig (water) or 100psig (air) max pressure

The King Instrument 7200 series rotameters utilize a float and tapered tube design. As a result they have longer, more linear scales, better pointer stability, and 40% greater accuracy than competitively priced products.

In addition, King Instrument 7200 series rotameters are precision-machined from durable cast acrylic stock and have 316L stainless steel internal components. Depending on your application, you have a choice of brass, aluminum, PVC, or stainless steel fittings.

The King Instrument 7200 series rotameter that is used in water service has a maximum temperature of 130°F (54°C) and a maximum pressure rating of 150 psig. King Instrument 7200 series rotameters used in air service have a maximum temperature rating of 100°F (38°C) and a maximum pressure rating of 100 psig.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Part Number Price Available
Show Configuration
Base Price
Metered Substance
Liquid (GPM)
Flow Rate (STP Conditions)
3.0-30.5 gpm; 1" FNPT connection (+$164.00)
Fitting Material
O-Ring Material
$263.00 1

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