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  • Cast iron, epoxy coated meter body
  • Accuracy: +/- 2% (above transition), +/- 5% (below transition)
  • Flanges: 150 lb. ANSI drilling
  • Max Pressure: 200 psi. (14 bar)
  • Max Temperature: 105°F (40°C)


The in-line Seametrics WJ Series turbine flow meters are dry-register mechanical totalizers that offer accurate, economical reading of high flows with low pressure loss. The WJ Series turbine flow meter features a horizontal-axis turbine that drives a vertical shaft, which is magnetically coupled to the sealed register.

In addition to mechanical totalizing, the WJ Series registers can be equipped with magnetic pulse reed sensors well suited for remote totalizing, pacing of electronic metering pumps, and water treatment applications.

The body of the WJ Series meter is manufactured of tough ductile iron and epoxy-coated for protection. Tungsten steel shafts and jewel bearings further enhance the durability of this flow meter. Simple removal of the top flange brings out all parts for inspection, repair, or replacement. The WJ Series has a tamper-evident seal to call attention to unauthorized access.

The pulse output / reed switch option is necessary in order to select a pulse rate. The pulse rate / reed switch option is available for all Seametrics WJ Series turbine flow meters.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Water Measurement at a Surface Mine

The Background: Our customer operates a surface mine in the Western US and needs a rugged and reliable solution for monitoring the amount of water used at the mine.

The Problem: The mine uses water for slurry transport, mineral processing, and dust abatement. It is critical to the mine operation. As with many areas in the west, the mine has limited water rights and can only use their allotment. They need a flow meter to make sure they are within their allotment. There is no power available and the meter must be suitable for the rugged environment.

The Solution: We recommended the Seametrics WJ Series turbine flow meter. The WJ series is a rugged cast-iron, epoxy coated meter that can handle the rigors of mine use. It also uses a mechanical totalizer that offers accurate readings without the need for power. This is an ideal solution for making sure the mine only uses the water to which they have rights.