Panametrics TransPort PT900 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
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  • A wide selection of transducers for most applications
  • Velocity, volume, mass, totalizer & energy flow capable
  • Fast-responding transmitter with 8GB data storage
  • Requires Android tablet (version 4.4 or newer)
  • Easy programming with bright touchscreen
    • Multi-language user interface
  • Accuracy assumes a fully developed symmetrical flow
    • ±1% of reading (sizes 2in or greater)
    • ±2% of reading (sizes 0.5 to <2in)
  • ±0.2% of reading repeatability
  • Up to 2Hz response time

What's in the Box

  • Flow transmitter (the electronics)
  • OD measuring tape
  • Carrying case
  • Transducer cables
  • PT900 power supply
  • SD card w/ Android tablet app
  • Acoustic couplant

The Panametrics TransPort PT900 ultrasonic flow meter maintains the same high performance as the PT878, but features a total redesign of the flow transmitter, clamping fixture and user interface in order to improve the user experience.

The TransPort is portable, simple to use, accurate, and fast. It's easy for you to move it from location to location and task to task, and since it clamps on to the pipe exterior, there's no need to cut into the pipe or stop the process while taking measurements. It is suitable for most pipe sizes and materials, both lined and unlined, and virtually every industry that requires temporary or spot flow rate measurement.

The TransPort's rugged transducers can handle most liquids, from ultra-pure to unfiltered water and refined hydrocarbons to crude oil; it can serve a wide range of applications:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Chemical
  • Industrial
  • Power Generation
  • Food & Beverage


Panametrics PT9 Calibration
PT900 system calibration at United States facility


Panametrics C-RR Transducers
Pair of clamp-on transducers for medium or large pipes
In Stock
Panametrics PT9-CFLP Transducers
Pair of PT9-CFLP (4MHz) transducers for -40 to 446°F applications with 0.5 to 2 inch pipes, includes clamping fixture
In Stock


Panametrics PT9 Battery
Spare, rechargeable battery for use with PT900
In Stock
Panametrics PT9 Battery Charger
External charger for PT900 spare battery
In Stock


Please consider these optional accessories.

Panametrics PT900 Tablet
Andriod based touch screen tablet and protective case for United States country of use
Panametrics PT9-TG Thickness Gauge
Single-hand operation thickness gauge with a 5MHz integrated, exchangeable probe
In Stock
Panametrics PT9 Energy Kit
Loop-powered temperature transmitter and pair of 4-wire PT1000 surface-mount RTDs to calculate energy flow rate and totalized energy
In Stock
Panametrics PT9 Input & Output Cable
Choice of analog or digital input/output cable for PT900 transmitter
In Stock
Panametrics PT9 Hard Case
Hard shell carrying case for use with PT900 for durability and transportation
Panametrics C-RR  Cable
100ft paired cable for C-RR transducers to the PT900, cannot be combined with other cables
In Stock
Panametrics PT9 BNC Adapters
Pair of TNC to BNC adapters for use with C-RS, C-PT, or C-ET transducers and the PT900
In Stock
Panametrics PT9 UTXDR Adapter
TNC to UTXDR adapter for use with UTXDR transducers and the PT900
Panametrics PT9 LEMO Adapter
LEMO to BNC adapter for use with submersible cable and the PT900
Panametrics CRTD Cable
CRTD1000 cable for connecting to the PT900 transmitter
In Stock
Panametrics CRR-10-HT Transducers
Pair of HT C-RR transducers (1MHz) with holder,-40 to 410°F (-40 to 210°C), 2 to 24in (50 to 600mm) pipe size
In Stock
Panametrics PT9 USB Cable
For direct wired connection to PT9 system

Spare Parts

Panametrics PT9 Transmitter
Replacement transmitter and mounting straps for the TransPort PT900 system
Panametrics PT9 Soft Case
Replacement soft shell carrying case for use with PT900
In Stock
Panametrics C-RR Cable
Replacement 25ft cable for C-RR transducers to the PT900
In Stock
Panametrics PT9 Power Cord
Replacement 110/120VAC (NEMA 5-15P) North American power cord
In Stock
Panametrics PT9 Power Adapter
Replacement line power adapter (requires power cord ordered separately)
In Stock
Panametrics C-RR Clamping Fixture
Spare PT900 transducer clamping fixture for use with C-RR transducers
In Stock
Panametrics PT9 SD Card
SD card including latest PT900 tablet application and manuals
In Stock
Panametrics PT9 Stylus
Spare stylus for use with PT900 tablet
In Stock
Panametrics PT9-OD Measurement Tape
Outer diameter measurement tape in both English and Metric units

Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Balancing and Troubleshooting Cooling Water Systems

The Background: The customer is a manufacturer who needs a clamp-on transit time ultrasonic flow meter to help their maintenance department troubleshoot and balance the cooling water systems throughout their plant.

The Problem: The customer sought a unit for which set-up and use was intuitive, making it simple for inexperienced technicians to use correctly, while quickly yielding accurate data.

The Solution: In discussions with the customer, is became clear they were impressed with the several elements of the GE Panametrics PT900 including the newest HMI technologies, the compatibility with heritage transducers, and the tablet interface which makes it easy to view and email data thus increasing the overall efficiency of the maintenance staff.

Specifically, Instrumart quoted and sold the customer a PT9-SYS-1C-A-0-SC. The base Kit "A" allows for easy measurement from 2-24" pipes which easily covered the cooling water applications and allows for possible new applications in the future.

Highlighting Pump Performance

The Background: A pump service/repair shop serving the Oil and Gas Industry is looking for a unit to highlight the system performance recovered by their service work to their customers.

The Problem: The customer requires a highly portable solution with fast and easy set-up and operation. As their customers are primarily in the oil and gas field, compatibility with hydrocarbons is a must.

The Solution: The PT900 was quoted due to its high level of performance on hydrocarbon applications, and the Tablet interface which allows a clean interface for their sales representative to showcase the improvement. The customer purchased model PT9-SYS-1C-1-A-0-SC as they were looking to meter within the 2-24" range.

Testing a Pipeline for Expected Performance

The Background: Our customer is a military testing facility that is in the midst of building a 20 mile long pipeline and are currently assessing expected performance of that pipeline by logging flow rates over a few days with varying loads under varying conditions.

The Problem: As this is testing, there is no desire to tap into the pipeline so the meter must be a clamp-on type. The length of the pipeline means it will be far removed from a power source. The remoteness will also require a rugged and reliable device.

The Solution: The GE Panametrics PT900 ultrasonic flow meter is portable, simple to use, accurate, and fast. It's easy to move from location to location and task to task, and since it clamps on to the pipe exterior, there's no need to cut into the pipe or stop the process while taking measurements. The PT900 also has a long battery life and interfaces easily with tablets.

Verifying Pump Flow

The Background: Our customer is a company in the energy field seeking a flow meter to verify the flow in a 1/2" flush line to their pump, which contains liquid hydrocarbons.

The Problem: The customer wants a clamp-on solution with simple data management.

The Solution: The GE Panametric PT900 ultrasonic flow meter was chosen for the ease of set up as well as the Android Tablet interface which makes handling data easy. This set-up allows the customer to survey the pumps within their plant efficiently and accurately.