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  • Simple setup for flumes and weirs
  • Easily connect to SCADA systems with Modbus RTU
  • Rugged IP67 powder coated aluminum enclosure
  • Sensors
    • 0 to 49.21in (0 to 1250mm) measuring range
    • 2in (50mm) offset
    • 2in (50mm) beam width
    • PVDF material
    • 0.125in (3mm) accuracy
    • 2in (50mm) deadband

What's in the Box

  • iSonic 4000 transmitter
  • Level sensor with cable
  • USB cable
  • Flow Meter Tool configuration software


The Dynasonics IS-4000 open channel flow meter offers an economical solution to measuring level, flow rate and total volume of water flowing through unpressurized weirs and flumes. Using empirical formulas, the IS-4000 calculates the flow rate based on the geometry of the channel or primary element and water depth. The level sensor measures the depth of the water used in the calculation. For added ease of installation, this Dynasonics flow meter includes a selection of primary elements with pre-programmed tables including Parshall flumes, manhole flumes and V-notch weirs.

Typical applications for the Dynasonics IS-4000 open channel flow meter include flow into water treatment plants from reservoirs, storm and sanitary sewer systems, effluent from water resource recovery or wastewater treatment, industrial discharge and agriculture irrigation channels. Dynasonics' Flow Meter Tool software allows users to enter custom tables making the IS-4000 an ideal fit for custom applications. Additional features include a historical log of all measurements, the ability to connect to SCADA systems with Modbus RTU and a rugged IP67 powder coated aluminum enclosure.