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  • Large selection of measuring ranges
  • High accuracy of free rotating float even at low flow rates
  • Low pressure loss
  • Visual check of the medium
  • Non-powered local indication
  • Large selection of scales
  • Optional built-in valve
  • Measurable flow rates:
    • Water = 0.002 l/h bis 630 l/h
    • Air = 0.2 l/h bis 6 300 l/h


The Yokogawa RAGK rotameter is designed for measurement of liquids and gases. The conical glass metering tube has a free rotating float. This float is mounted in a vertical pipeline with flow direction upwards. The flow is indicated by the top of the float and can be read from the standard scale on the metering tube or from a connected scale.

The flow metering tube is transparent giving you full insight into the process and position of the float – a scale on the outside of the tube indicates the true flow rate. All the measurement tubes in this series of variable area flowmeters are made of either glass or plastic.