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  • Measures mass, density, and temperature
  • Outer cylinder burst pressure greater than 100 barg / 1450 psig
  • Easily drained and easy to clean
  • Resistant to installation and process effects
  • Excellent zero stability
  • Low energy consumption for low operating costs
  • Rapid signal processing
  • Modular electronics with data redundancy
  • "Plug & play" replacement of electronics
  • IP 67, NEMA 4X protection


The KROHNE OPTIMASS 7000 coriolis mass flow meter is the optimum meter for demanding mass flow and density measurement applications of fluids, gases and solids. Featuring a single straight titanium measuring tube, the OPTIMASS 7000 is ideal for use in applications involving highly corrosive fluids, custody transfer, non-homogenous mixtures, and slurries.

KROHNE OPTIMASS 7000 coriolis mass flow meters offer excellent accuracy and repeatability for all measured values. In addition to mass flow and density measurements, the OPTIMASS 7000 also calculates volume, referred density, concentration, and velocity. The meters include advanced digital filtering and an innovative sensor design which provide exceptional immunity to disturbances from nearby process equipment. The OPTIMASS 7000 is compatible with a number of KROHNE flow converters which can be either meter or remote mounted.

The OPTIMASS 7000 meters are designed to handle tough applications. The meters are supplied with secondary pressure containment as standard which allows maximum pressures up to 1450 psig. Temperatures up to 212°F are also no problem for the meter. The OPTIMASS 7000 is available with a wide range of standard flange and hygienic process connections. A number of hazardous area approvals are available as well.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Epoxy Flow

The Background: Our customer is a semiconductor manufacturer that uses an epoxy resin with small solid particles as part of their manufacturing process. They seek a means to measure the flow of this material.

The Problem: The resin is highly viscous and tends to coat the inner walls of tubing. The meter must be able to handle this issue as well as be easy to clean.

The Solution: We recommended the Krohne OPTIMASS 7000 coriolis mass flow meter which features a single, straight titanium measuring tube which makes it easy to clean. The OPTIMASS 7000 is compatible with highly viscous substances and only a flowing mass gets measured. Material caked onto the inner walls is stationary and has no effect on the measurement.