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  • ±4% full scale accuracy
  • Small, compact design
  • Direct reading scales for water and air
  • Large and Small Measuring Ranges from 28:1 to 2.6:1
  • Vertical Connections for Easy Installation
  • All Media Contacted Parts


Kobold SV float type flow meters and flow switches operate on the well known float system but without the use of the open conical measuring tube. Instead these instruments use a cylindrical control tube with a conical groove along its axis. The upper edge of the float indicates the flow on the measuring glass, which is calibrated in GPM or SCFM.

Kobold SV float type flow meters and flow switches are intended for applications where only measurement (or measurement and flow monitoring) of liquids and gases with vertical flow is required. Each Kobold SV float type flow meter and flow switch has a direct reading scale and may be factory fitted with single or dual magnetic reed contacts that actuate when the desired flow is achieved.

The principle of operation of the Kobold SV float type flow meters and flow switches has advantages in that the float is stabilized over its entire measuring range and offers a large flow range in a small instrument. The float has a built-in permanent magnet that actuates a reed switch (when equipped) mounted on the exterior housing of the device. The optional switch is therefore hermetically separated from the medium. The optional switches are user adjustable so that setpoints may be adjusted to any flow value within the range of the instrument.

Specifications of the Kobold SV Float Type Flow Meters and Flow Switches

  • Accuracy: ±4% of full scale
  • Flow Media: Liquids and gases
  • Mounting: Vertical media flow bottom to top
  • Measuring Principle: With float and cylindrical control tube
  • Installation: Vertical, flow bottom to top
  • Max. Temperature: 240°F, with PP or PVDF float:160°F
  • Max. Pressure: 145 PSI
  • Housing: Aluminum anodized
  • Electr. Switch Housing: Plastic
  • Measuring Tube: Borosilicate
  • Electrical Protection: NEMA 4X / IP65
  • Reed Contact: Standard N/O max.50VA special SPDT max. 30VA, CSA approved