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  • The high performance meter for process industries
  • Cryogenic, high temperature and high pressure options
  • Supreme liquid and gas performance with CT approval
  • Innovative twin U-tube design
  • Temperature range -200 to 400°C
  • Optional insulation / heating jacket
  • Compact envelope
  • Optimized flow divider for minimum pressure loss
  • Modular electronics concept: electronics and sensor are easy to replace
  • Self-draining when mounted vertically


The KROHNE OPTIMASS 6000 coriolis mass flow meter combines a high level of performance with an operating temperature of up to 400°C to make it the ideal choice for mass flow measurement in a wide variety of applications. Designed to meet the requirements of general purpose liquid and gas applications, the extended low temperature range of -200°C also makes the 6000 suitable for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and cryogenic applications.

KROHNE OPTIMASS 6000 coriolis mass flow meters offer excellent accuracy and repeatability for all measured values. In addition to mass flow and density measurements, the OPTIMASS 6000 also calculates volume, density, and concentration. The OPTIMASS 6000 is compatible with the KROHNE MFC 400 flow converter which can be either meter or remote mounted.

KROHNE OPTIMASS 6000 meters are designed to handle tough applications. Tube material can be either dual certified stainless steel or Hastelloy C22. The OPTIMASS 6000 is available with a wide range of options to tailor the meter to the application including a range standard flange and hygienic process connections. A number of hazardous area approvals are available as well.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Cryogenic Flow Metering

The Background: Our customer is the research and development department of a large manufacturer. They require a means to accurately measure the flow rates of liquid nitrogen.

The Problem: Nitrogen only exists in liquid form at temperatures around -321°F which is far lower than most flow meters can accurately measure.

The Solution: We suggested the Krohne Optimass 6000 Coriolis flow meter, a highly versatile meter available in a cryogenic configuration capable of measuring fluids down to -328°F, a range specifically designed to encompass liquid nitrogen and it's growing use. Using this meter the customer was able to measure the liquid nitrogen over a wide flow range and at an order of magnitude more accurately than the next best technology.