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  • ±4% accuracy of full scale
  • Liquids and gases
  • Vertical or horizontal installation models
  • 240°F maximum temperature
  • Maximum pressure:
  • 3600 PSIG (brass)
  • 5000 PSIG (SS)
  • 230 PSIG (w/PP floats)
  • Mode of operation dependent on flow not pressure


The Kobold SM series is a variable area device that can be ordered as a flow switch, flow meter, or combined switch and meter. The flow switch is mounted externally in a protective housing, and is actuated by magnet in the float. This same magnet can also be used to couple to an external flow indicator, allowing a visual reading of the instantaneous flow rate. The meter can be configured with either or both of these features to fit a wide variety of applications.

Kobold SM series flow meters and switches benefit from all the advantages inherent in using an all metal construction (high pressure, shock resistance). They are designed to handle flow rates higher than their stated maximum flow range without damage. At excessive flow rates the device will, however, induce a larger pressure drop.