Flo-tech PFM6 Digital Portable Hydraulic Tester
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  • Five flow ranges
  • Available with SAE or BSPP ports
    • SAE measures in GPM & °F
    • BSPP measures in LPM & °C
  • Large 3-1/2 digit LCD for flow and temperature
  • Helical tube pressure gauge
  • Loading valve with fingertip control of pressure
  • Platinum resistance temperature sensor
  • Pressure surge protection
  • Turbine flow sensor provides fast response
  • Pressures up to 6000 psi (414 bar)
  • Temperatures up to 300°F (150°C)
  • ±1% of full scale flow accuracy
  • ±0.2% repeatability

The Flo-tech PFM6 digital portable hydraulic testers are designed for fast diagnostic troubleshooting of all types of mobile or stationary hydraulic systems and components. These self-contained testers feature laboratory accuracy and provide flow, pressure and temperature measurements simultaneously from one point.

Simple operation includes a toggle switch to display either flow or temperature readings and a loading valve that operates with fingertip control. The dual scale helical tube pressure gauge offers pulsation dampening and high overpressure capacity. For safe operation, all testers include pressure surge protection.


Flo-tech Calibration Certificate
Five or ten point calibration certificate for the USB hydraulic system analyzer


Please consider these optional accessories.

Flo-tech F5140 K Factor Scale
Pre-amplifier for low level turbine meters converts low level frequency outputs into square wave output signals
Flo-tech F5141 Programming Software Kit
Makes the Flo-tech F5140 K Factor Scale field adjustable converting frequency output of a turbine meter to a different frequency


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Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Testing Hydraulic Pumps in the Field

The Background: Our customer is a heavy equipment service center that needs a way to test the hydraulic pumps on the equipment they service to ensure the pumps are capable of creating the flow and the pressure that is required for proper operation of the equipment.

The Problem: Our customer is a large company with many field technicians, each of whom requires a means to test the pumps. With so many units needed, a major concern for the company is cost. As the units will used in the field, durability is another important consideration.

The Solution: The Flo-tech PFM6 is highly regarded as a durable unit at a reasonable price. We were able to cost effectively update our customer’s entire service fleet.

Part Number Price Available
Show Configuration
Base Price
Port Size
G 1 1/2 (+$515.00)
Flow Range
26 to 757 LPM (7 to 199.9 GPM)
CE Certified
Pressure Units
Seal Material
$2,660.00 1

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