Flo-tech Quad Series Turbine Flow Sensor
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  • Repeatability ±0.2%
  • Pressures up to 5000 psi (345 bar)
  • Temperatures up to 300°F (150°C)
  • ±1% of FS flow accuracy for forward & reverse flow

The Flo-tech quad series turbine flow sensors are derived from the FSC series, utilizing two flow transducers which are 90° electrically out of phase from each other. With the addition of a second flow transducer, it is possible to monitor flow in both directions. The F2000 quad is suitable for up-down counters that can discern the leading and trailing edges of the quadrature signals.

The F2000 can be used as a speed-sensing device on mobile equipment in current applications. This bi-directional flow sensor can be used as a governor, sending frequency signals back to a PLC, which enables it to make the necessary adjustments. Other functions of the flow sensor are in linear applications where accurate positioning is required.


Flo-tech Calibration Certificate
Five or ten point calibration certificate for the USB hydraulic system analyzer


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Flo-tech Cables
Cables for connecting Flotech IFC, Activa, Ultima, Classic & Quad to displays, choice of 6 or 15ft lengths


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