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  • -4 to 212°F(-20 to 100°C) temp range
  • Precise measurement of liquids and gases
  • Robust and universal
  • Power Supply:
    • 230 VAC 4-wire, 115 V AC 4-wire
    • 24 VDC 3-wire, 24 V DC 2-wire
  • Maximum flow:
    • 0.025 to 130 m^3/h water resp.
    • 0.75 to 1400 m^3/h air (20 °C / 1.013 bar abs)
  • All wetted parts in stainless steel or PTFE
  • Float damping prevents float bouncing in gas applications
  • Local indicator without additional power supply


The Yokogawa RAMC Short Stroke Rotameter has a float that is guided concentrically to a special shaped conic metal tube. The position of this float is magnetically transmitted to the indicator. The short-tube Rotameter is used for measurement of flow rates of liquids and gases. Its special application is in troubled, opaque or aggressive mediums. The instrument is mounted in a vertical pipeline with flow direction upwards. The indicators are exchangeable without influence on the accuracy.

At first glance the instrument looks impressive with its all stainless steel design. A closer look reveals a unique patented "float blockage" detection systems. Operational safety is of the utmost importance in any flowmeter, and the RAMC is no exception – wetted parts are available in a variety of materials, and intrinsically safe outputs are available as an option.

If you value flexibility in a flowmeter – from the measurement of air to highly aggressive liquids – in situ replacement of the indicator without degradation of performance – and the inter-changeability of floats, – then the RAMC is for you.

The RAMC combines all the advantages of the variable area principle with robust design, reliable measurement, with or without auxiliary energy, culminating in a truly universal flowmeter for gases, liquids and steam applications.