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  • Sizes as small as 1.5in (2.5 to 200gpm, or equivalent)
    • Up to 20in (200 to 19,800gpm, or equivalent)
  • Units of measurement: gallons, cubic meters, cubic feet
  • For cold water service (up to 120°F)
  • Tamper-proof design
  • Integral or flanged strainer plates available
  • Optional 2in NPT test plug
  • Exceeds AWWA C701 Class II standards
  • Very low pressure loss


The Badger Meter Recordall Turbo series flow meters are rugged turbine meters ideally suited for the measurement of potable cold water in commercial and industrial services where flow is in one direction only. Featuring industrial strength performance, the Recordall Turbo meter is the smart choice for larger facilities, including hotels, apartment buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, manufacturing and processing plants, irrigation centers, and refining operations. The Turbo's no-nonsense performance exceeds AWWA C701 Class II standards for cold-water turbine meters while reducing your day-to-day maintenance and replacement costs.

The Badger Meter Recordall Turbo series flow meters are available in sizes ranging from 1-1/2" (2.5 to 200 gpm, or equivalent) to 20" (200 to 19,800 gpm, or equivalent). The meter features very low pressure loss, increasing system efficiency. Badger Recordall Turbo meters are designed and manufactured to provide long-term service with minimal maintenance. An innovative floating rotor design eliminates bearing wear and friction between moving parts, providing reduced life cycle costs and longer performance life. When maintenance is required, the register and measuring element can be removed without removing the meter housing from the installation. An optional 2" NPT test plug puts an end to removing and reinstalling meters during field accuracy and pressure testing. Companion flanges for installation of meters on various pipe types and sizes are available in cast iron or bronze as an option.

The Badger Meter Recordall Turbo series flowmeters are available with rugged strainers to protect your system from damaging debris. Integral strainers are optional on 1-1/2" to 4" size meters and dual-flange plate strainers are optional for all meters 2" and larger. Badger Meter recommends using strainers for all Recordall Turbo series flow meters to insure optimum flow conditioning and protection for the turbo meter measuring element. The plate strainers exceed AWWA standards with an effective screening area to minimize flow restrictions to meters.

Badger Meter has an extensive selection of flow meter accessories that maximizes application flexibility, including resettable and non-resettable mechanical or battery-powered totalizers and indicators for applications requiring power-free operation. Analog and digital flow transmitters are well-suited for applications where AC, DC or Loop power is available. A standard, non-resettable totalizer is available as an option. For other choices please see the accessories page.