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  • DN 50 to 150 (2 to 6in) nominal diameter range
  • Accuracy up to ±0.5 % of reading or
    up to ±0.02 % of full scale for flow
  • ±0.1% of reading repeatability
  • 200:1 turndown
  • Process temperatures up to 302° F (150° C)
  • 4-20 mA HART output
  • Stainless steel sensor housing
  • Local display available


The E+H Proline Prosonic Flow E 100 ultrasonic flow meter provides economical and accurate bidirectional flow measurement across all industries. Measured variables include flow velocity, medium temperature, sound velocity, volume flow and mass flow. The Prosonic Flow E 100 features integrated temperature measurement, easy commissioning with brief parameter explanations, high turndown rate for dependable flow measurement, and local operation via integrated web server. The meter's reliable, robust sensor ensures long-term stability.

The E 100's optional Heartbeat verification and monitoring technology ensures compliance at all times with functional testing in the installed state without interruption of the process and continuous monitoring for preventive maintenance and process analysis.


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