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  • Hydraulic analyzer offers instant & diagnostics
  • Temperature range: -4 to 300°F
  • 0.4 to 160gpm flow range
  • Up to 5800 psi pressure range
  • ±1 % accuracy
  • Measures fast transients
  • Flow sensor linearization
  • 2.5MB data logging capacity
  • Five sensor inputs, including:
    • Turbine flow sensor
    • Two pressure sensors
    • Temperature sensor
    • RPM speed indicator

What's in the Box

  • 8ft 5-pin 3-way cable for flow, pressure, temperature
  • USB A/B cable for PC communications
  • Carrying Case
  • Windows®-based MC4CON Software on CD-ROM


The Flo-tech MC4000 hydraulic system analyzer is a handheld instrument that combines a turbine flow meter with inputs for two pressure sensors, one temperature sensor, and one active pick-up for RPM measurements. The versatility of the MC4000 makes it the ideal instrument for fast diagnostic troubleshooting of all types of mobile or stationary hydraulic systems and components.

The MC4000 is available for flow ranges from 0.4 to 160gpm; optional pressure sensors from 870 to 5800 psi; and a temperature sensor from -4 to 300°F. Hydraulic horsepower is automatically calculated from the measured pressure and the flow. Four sensors can be connected at the same time and the measurements displayed in four windows of the LCD display in preselected process units according to US or DIN norms. All parameters can be set using the keys on the front panel. Pressure units can be programmed in bar or psi. The flow and rpm measurements are scaled by using programmable constants. Additionally, three-point flow calibration for the turbine sensors is available. For offset adjustment, the Tare function can be activated to set the display to zero at non-zero inputs.

The Flo-tech MC4000 hydraulic system analyzer includes a data logger mode in which measurement results are stored in an internal 2.5MB memory space. Each stored measurement also contains the day, date, and time derived from an internal real-time clock. Stored measurements are available at the meter's USB data port and can be uploaded to a Windows® PC using the MC4CON software utility. The MC4CON program permits bi-directional communication for uploading the records to the PC and for downloading the commands from the PC to MC4000.


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