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  • Short inlet and outlet runs
  • Unaffected by contamination, solids, fibers, slurries
  • No Maintenance, no zero point calibration, no precalibration, no periodic recalibration
  • Consistent results independent of age of meter
  • Wet-calibration on accredited (EN 17025) calibration rigs in factory and supplied with test certificate
  • Suitable for potable water, chlorinated, fluorinated water etc
  • Continuous self-diagnosis


The KROHNE ENVIROMAG 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter is suitable for either clean, homogeneous or dirty, non-homogeneous flow applications. Configurable into a number of system designs, the ENVIROMAG 2000 is is designed for use with either the KROHNE IFC 100 or KROHNE IFC 300 flow converters. The ENVIROMAG features either polyurethane or hard rubber liners and sturdy ASME steel flanges in either 150lb or 300lb pressure ratings.

The ENVIROMAG 2000 are manufactured according to ISO 9000 certified quality assurance standards.

Standard Features of the ENVIROMAG 2000 include:

  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Meter size: 1 to 24 inches (larger sizes available upon request)
  • AMSE 150 or 300 lb flange connections
  • Designed for use with IFC 010 or IFC 300 flow converters
  • Hardrubber or polyurethane liners
  • Easy, quick, low-cost installation
  • Short delivery times, allowing just-in-time purchasing
  • Absolutely maintenance-free, reliable, no mechanically moving parts

Applications for the ENVIROMAG 2000 include:

  • Suitable for water and wastewater.
  • For process temperature up to 176°F.
  • For pressure up to 580 psig.
  • IP67 protection equivalent to NEMA 6, suitable for short-time submersion.

The ENVIROMAG 2000 blends high performance, quality engineering, and an attractive price.

Instrumart is an IDWR-approved flow meter vendor

The ENVIROMAG 2000 is a IDWR-certified flow meter as outlined in the Idaho Department of Water Resources state order requiring flow meters to be installed by water users that divert water in regulated areas from both ground and surface water sources. This flow meter was tested by the staff at Utah State's NIST traceable lab and passed all requirements set by the IDWR and Idaho Department of Agriculture. If you have any questions about this flow meter or what IDWR-approved flow meter best fits your application, please ask one of our helpful engineers. 1-800-884-4967.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Accurate Effluent Metering

The Background: The customer is an industrial food processor who needs a solution for metering effluent discharge.

The Problem: The customer is being charged for sewer usage based upon their freshwater usage. However, much of the freshwater they use is consumed by their manufacturing process rather than being eventually discharged as sewage, leading the customer to believe they are being overcharged.

The Solution: The customer now collects all wastewater in a holding tank before pumping it through a Krohne Enviromag 2000 electromagnetic flow meter to show actual effluent discharge. The Enviromag 2000 is unaffected by contamination, solids, fibers, or slurries. With no moving parts and excellent accuracy, the meter reliably shows actual discharge of waste water reducing the wastewater charges for the facility.

Monitoring Seawater Used in Process Cooling

The Background: Our customer is a power plant that uses seawater as the sink in a heat exchange process. They need an accurate and reliable flow meter installed in the 12” pipeline for both monitoring and controlling the process.

The Problem: Seawater is extremely harsh on equipment as it contains many more dissolved ions than freshwater and can increase the rates of corrosion in many metals. Seawater also hosts microbial components which can lead to fouling the equipment.

The Solution: The Krohne Enviromag 2000 electromagnetic flow meter is an ideal solution for this application. Not only does it have outstanding accuracy, it also has an epoxy painted flowtube that is suited to marine environments, is designed with very little surface area for biological growth, and has no moving parts to wear over time.