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  • “EZ Setup”- guided setup for first time users
  • Liquid, gas, steam and heat flow equations
  • Utility metering
  • Menu selectable hardware & software features
  • Isolated pulse and analog outputs standard
  • RS-232 port standard, RS-485 optional Windows setup software
  • NX19 gas equations, stacked DP transmitters
  • DDE server & HMI software available
  • Remote metering by wireless or modem
  • Attractive, rugged, field mount enclosure


The KEP MS-748 SUPERtrol-I flow computer satisfies the instrument requirements for a variety of flow meter types in liquid, gas, steam and heat applications. The MS-716 includes many advanced features as well as multiple flow equations-- all in a single instrument.

The alphanumeric display of the KEP MS-748 SUPERtrol-I flow computer offers measured parameters in an easy to understand format. Manual access to measurements and display scrolling is supported. The versatility of the flow computer permits a wide measure of versatility within the instrument package. The various hardware inputs and outputs can be "soft" assigned to meet a variety of common application needs.

The user "soft selects" the usage of each input/output while configuring the KEP MS-748 SUPERtrol-I flow computer. The isolated analog output can be chosen to follow the volume flow, corrected volume flow, mass flow, temperature, pressure, or density by means of a menu selection. Most hardware features are assignable by this method.

The user can assign the standard RS-232 Serial Port for external data logging, transaction printing, or for connection to a modem for remote meter reading. A service or test mode is provided to assist the user during startup system check out by monitoring inputs and exercising outputs. The system setup can also be printed.