• ±0.03 to 12.2m/s (±0.1 to 40ft/s) velocity range
  • ±1% of reading or ±0.0046m/s (±1.5ft/s) accuracy
  • ±0.25% repeatability and linearity
  • -20 to 60°C (-5 to 140°F) operating temperature
  • 5-button keypad interface
  • 2.8in color TFT LCD display
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery (up to 15 hours of operation)
  • Includes Greyline logger software for Windows
  • IP67 rated

What's in the Box

  • Transducers and mounting hardware (based on selected configuration)
  • Transducer cables: 12ft (3.66m) triaxial with connectors
  • Coupling compound
  • USB-C flash drive
  • USB-C charger
  • IP67 rated carrying case


The Greyline Instruments PTFM 6.1 ultrasonic flow meter is a transit-time flow meter designed for challenging flow applications in industrial environments. The PTFM 6.1 can be easily deployed due to it's portability and intuitive interface and setup.

The PTFM 6.1 is often used to measure the flow of clean fluids like water, chemicals, and oils from the outside of the pipe. The transducers can be mounted on metal or plastic pipes including carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, PVDF, fiberglass, copper, brass, aluminum, and pipes with bonded liners such as epoxy, rubber, or Teflon.

Configuration and start-up can be accomplished quickly utilizing the built-in 5-button keypad to enter the transducer type, pipe material and OD, wall thickness, and fluid type. The PTFM 6.1 will display the correct transducer separation distance. All the user has to do is secure the pipe clamps and align the mounting brackets on the outside of the pipe, prepare the transducers with the included coupling compound, and insert them into the brackets. The PTFM 6.1 will immediately begin to display, transmit, and totalize flow. The on-screen diagnostics and signal waveforms provide instant validation that your meter is performing accurately.

Transducer Options:

  • SE16A: 0.5 to 6in pipe, 2.56 MHz operating frequency
  • SE16B: 2 to 48in pipe, 1.28 MHz operating frequency
  • SE16C: 4 to 48in pipe, 640 kHz operating frequency

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PTFM 6.1-B
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PTFM 6.1-A
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PTFM 6.1-D
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