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  • Rechargeable battery powered electronics
  • Flow ranges from 0.5SCCM to 500 SLPM
  • Very low pressure drop operation
  • Measures mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, and pressure
  • No warm up time
  • Viton seals
  • 50 psig max pressure
  • 8-pin mini-DIN electronic connector
  • Fully functional digital display
  • Standard micro USB power connector
  • RS-232 Multi-drop digital output
  • Choice of 0 to 5Vdc or 1 to 5Vdc analog output
  • 30 user selectable on-board gas calibrations
  • 200:1 turndown ratio
  • NPT process connections
  • Lifetime warranty


The Alicat Scientific Whisper MWB Series mass flow meter is a portable device that utilizes a rechargeable battery as its power source. Accurate, versatile and dependable; the MWB series features very low pressure drop making it the ideal portable transfer standard or hand carry flow meter for applications that have minimal differential pressure availability. The Whisper MWB is also equipped with connectors for hard power and with analog and digital output, allowing it to be used in fixed installations while relying on the rechargeable battery as a backup power source should hard power be lost.

The Alicat Scientifics Whisper MWB Series mass flow meter is an extremely versatile instrument. In addition to mass flow measurements, the MW Series also measures pressure, temperature and volumetric flow, meaning fewer instruments to buy and install. A low battery warning indicator alerts users to charge the battery. Alicat's patented technology allows its mass flow controllers to have very few moving parts. All of the internal components are fixed in place resulting in very little physical change inside the mass flow meter. Little physical change in the flow cavity means higher rates of consistency and repeatability.

The Alicat Scientific's Whisper MWB Series was designed to exceed the requirements that customers place on mass flow controllers. Flow ranges are available from 0.5 standard cubic centimeters per minute to 500 standard liters per minute with a 200:1 turndown ratio and pressure drops as low as 3.6 mbar, or 0.052 psi. Basic accuracy is ±0.8% of reading ±0.2% of full scale. Calibrated and ready for use with 20 gases and 10 gas blends, The Whisper MWB series has a remarkably fast start-up time and a response time of just 10 milliseconds.

Alicat Scientific Whisper MWB Series mass flow controllers were designed to be used as a stand-alone device. All measured parameters are displayed in real time on the digital display. Any measured parameter can be brought to the center of the screen. The push button interface allows easy configuration of the meter without the need for computers, complicated software or scripts.




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