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  • Flow range: 0.1 to 15 fps (0.03 to 4.57 m/s)
  • Leak detection down to 0.1 fps (0.03 m/s)
  • Accuracy: ±2.0%
  • Materials:
    • Body: PPS (Ryton R-4)
    • Sensor: PEI (Ultem 1000)
    • O-Ring: EPDM
  • No moving mechanical parts
  • Two-wire connector


The GPI Flomec QS200 Ultrasonic Flow Meter provides an accurate reading of liquid flow rate and accumulated flow. Designed to support commercial irrigation applications, the QS200 is available in five pipe sizes, ranging from 1 to 4 inches

The QS200 ultrasonic insert is available with a PVC tee or as an "insert retrofit" for replacement of existing paddlewheel flow sensors. Designed for above and below grade applications, such as irrigation, municipal and underground monitoring where the flow rates are between 0.1 to 15 fps (0.03 to 4.57 m/s) and temperatures are below 140° F (60° C).

QS200 inserts are supplied with two single conductors, 18 AWG solid copper wire leads that are 36 inches (914.4 mm) in length with UL Style 116666 direct burial insulation.

Applications for the QS200 include:

  • Agriculture irrigation
  • Turf / landscape irrigation systems
  • Micro irrigation systems
  • Groundwater monitoring