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  • Pipe size and flow ranges available
    • DN25 (1in): 0.53 to 266.35 LPM (0.14 to 70.36 GPM)
    • DN40 (1.5in): 1.36 to 662.34 LPM (0.36 to 174.97 GPM)
    • DN50 (2in): 2.23 to 1112.60 LPM (0.59 to 293.92 GPM)
    • DN80 (3in): 5.11 to 2493.75 LPM (1.35 to 658.78 GPM)
    • DN100 (4in): 8.72 to 4357.83 LPM (2.30 to 1151.22 GPM)
  • Titanium or Hastelloy electrodes
  • No moving parts
  • ±1% accuracy
  • Partially filled pipe detection status indicator
  • Reverse flow direction configurable
  • Bluetooth 4.2 capable
  • Note: phone not included


The GF Signet 2581 FlowtraMag Magnetic Flow Meter is a full-bore plastic PVC in line style magnetic flow Meter. The PVC body with Titanium or Hastelloy C electrodes has no moving parts, and is two to three times lighter in weight compared to traditional metal magmeters on the market. It is designed for high accuracy flow measurement in short pipe runs, making it an ideal solution for industrial applications where performance and ease of use are important.

The FlowtraMag design is factory calibrated with certificate at ±1% of reading accuracy. It is ordered in corrosion resistant materials to provide long-term reliability with minimal maintenance costs. The LED indicators show at-a-glance system status, including normal operation, zero flow and partially filled pipe detection.

The flow meter provides three different outputs; field selectable frequency or digital (S3L) as well as analog 4 to 20 mA in both passive and active configuration. The GF Config Tool Bluetooth app supports iOS and Android for simple on-the-fly user configuration with in with instantaneous flow reading.

These versatile, easy-to-install meters deliver accurate flow measurement in pipe sizes of DN25 (1 in.), DN40 (1.5 in.), DN50 (2 in.), DN80 (3 in.) and DN100 (4 in.), optimized for performance in short pipe runs often associated with final effluent lines, well heads and water treatment skids.

Applications for the 2581 include:

  • Chemical Processing/Production
  • Cooling Tower
  • Filtration Systems
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Municipal and Industrial Water Distribution
  • Pool and Aquatics
  • Process Control, Water Process Flow
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Scrubber Systems
  • Metal Recovery and Landfill Leachate
  • Mining

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Part Number Electrode Material Pipe Size Flange Material Price Available
DN25 (1in)
FKM O-Ring Union
$1,579.00 2 in stock
DN40 (1.5in)
FKM O-Ring Union
$1,707.00 2 in stock
DN50 (2in)
FKM O-Ring Union
$1,821.00 1 in stock
DN80 (3in)
FKM O-Ring Union
$2,132.00 1 in stock

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