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  • For velocities from 2 to 20 ft/second
  • Available in ½”, ¾” or 1” sizes
  • Basic accuracy of ±3%
  • Flow Range:
    • 1/2": ~1.2-12 GPM
    • 3/4": ~2.7-27 GPM
    • 1": ~4.9-49 GPM
  • Solid PVC construction
  • Non-magnetic sensing technology which reduces drag
  • Signals require no amplification for distances under 2000’
  • Most part are field replaceable


The Badger Meter Series 735 flow sensors utilize paddlewheel technology to provide accurate metering on flow velocities from 2 to 20 ft/second. Featuring a four bladed, non-fouling impeller, the 735 incorporates non-magnetic sensing technology which reduces drag and can detect quick changes in flow rates while providing for a wide measurement range.

The 735 flow sensor is constructed of rugged PVC making it an inexpensive option to metal tee sensors. It is available in ½", ¾" or 1" sizes and offers a basic accuracy of ±3%. This Badger sensor can be used in conjunction with any Badger flow monitor or transmitter providing an accurate reading of the rate of liquid flow as well as total accumulated flow. Output signals can travel up to 2000' between the flow sensor and the display unit or controller input without the need for amplification.

The Badger Meter Series 735 flow sensors feature a simple design in which the impeller bearing assembly, shaft and o-rings are all replaceable in the field. Similar type sensors are interchangeable, so there is no need for recalibration after servicing or replacement.


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