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  • LCD digital display and 6-button keypad
  • High accuracy and stability
  • Measures volumetric flow, temperature, pressure, density, and mass flow using a single meter
  • Measures most gases, liquids and steam without the need to recalibrate
  • For pipe sizes 2" and above
  • Remote monitoring and integration to DCS using HART and Modbus communication protocols
  • FM USA/Canada-approved, explosion-proof and dust ignition-proof


The insertion Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82 vortex flow meter is the next generation of multivariable mass vortex meter. The multivariable design of the Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82 vortex flow meter consists of a vortex shedding velocity sensor, an RTD temperature sensor and a solid state pressure transducer that measures the mass flow rate of steam, gases, and liquids.

Other meter types use external process measurements to calculate mass flow. The temperature and pressure devices are typically not installed in the same location as the flow meter. Process conditions can vary greatly between the two locations, causing inaccurate mass flow readings. The Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82 vortex flow meter measures velocity, temperature, and pressure at the same location, which provides more accurate process measurement.

Integrating pressure and temperature into the Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82 vortex flow meter simplifies system complexity and helps minimize initial capital costs, as well as reduce the installation costs. There is no need to purchase additional instrumentation to monitor pressure and temperature since the Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82 vortex flow meter will output all parameters to your data acquisition system. The product line is available with a wide range of options and meter configurations to meet your specific application requirements.

Models of the Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82 Vortex Flow Meter

The Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82 vortex flow meter is available in a number of configurations to best suit your application measurement needs.

PanaFlow™ MV82-VTP
The Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82-VTP vortex flow meter offers flow computer functionality in a compact field device. This multivariable instrument incorporates temperature and pressure sensors to provide an instantaneous reading of compensated mass flow rate of gases, liquids and steam. In addition to outputs for totalized mass and alarm settings, the Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82-VTP vortex flow meter's field-configurable electronics deliver up to three analog 4-20 mA outputs of five process measurements, including volumetric flow rate, mass flow rate, pressure, temperature, and density.
PanaFlow™ MV82-VT
The Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82-VT vortex flow meter integrates a precision 1000 ohm platinum RTD temperature sensor used to calculate and output a compensated mass flow reading. This device is typically used to measure flow rates of saturated steam.
PanaFlow™ MV82-V
The Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82-V vortex flow meter delivers a direct reading of volumetric flow rate - generally the most cost-effective solution for liquid flow monitoring - in applications ranging from general water flows to hydrocarbon fuel flow measurement.
PanaFlow™ MV82-EM
The Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82-EM vortex flow meter energy monitoring option enables real time calculation of energy consumption for a facility or process. The meter can be programmed to measure steam, hot water or chilled water. This option uses the Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82-EM vortex flow meter to monitor one side of the process, either sent or return, and uses the input from a second separate temperature sensor on the opposite leg of the process to calculate the change in energy. Selectable energy units include BTU, joules, calories, Watt-hours, Megawatt-hours and Horsepower-hours. The local or remote electronics indicate two temperatures, delta T, mass total and energy total.

Applications for the Panametrics PanaFlow™ MV82 Vortex Flow Meter

  • Ideal for high temperature and high velocity steam
  • Power Generation—steam applications
  • Industrial—HVAC, district energy management
  • Commercial—building, campus and facility energy management
  • Oil & gas—allocation of natural gas
  • Petrochemical—mass balancing, reaction processes heating


This product can be used in the following applications: