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  • Borosilicate glass metering tube
  • 0.25 to 116 (Water)
    1 to 250 SCFM (Air)
  • 127mm (5"), direct reading, detachable scale
  • ±3% full scale accuracy
  • 10:1 to 12-1/2:1 turndown unless otherwise indicated
  • 1/2% repeatability
  • 200°F (93°C) max (SS)
    110°F (43°C) max (PVC)
  • SS Fittings:
    250 psig max (size 3 & 4)
    200 psig max (size 5 & 6)
    150 psig max (size 8 & 9)
  • PVC Fittings: 100 psig max
  • 33 to 125°F (1 to 52°C) ambient temperature


The stainless steel King Instrument 7610 series rotameter utilizes a float and tapered tube design, which results in longer and more linear scales. The King Instrument 7610 series rotameter features better pointer stability and 40% greater accuracy than competitively priced products.

King Instrument 7610 series rotameters have a fully enclosed borosilicate glass metering tube with a 127mm (5") scale, and is enclosed in a 304 stainless steel case. In-line 316L fittings and internals or PVC fittings with Hastelloy C-276 internals make the King Instrument 7610 series rotameter suitable for a variety of general industrial applications.

Optional Latching Reed Switch

A latching reed switch is available for all King Instrument rotameters in the 7300, 7600, and 7900 series. The switch is reed type and uses a biasing magnet to create a latching feature. The switch is classified as a simple apparatus by UL, FM, etc. and may be suitable for hazardous use when connected to an intrinsic safety barrier. Check your local electrical code for wiring specifications.