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  • 1/4 to 3in sizes
  • -40 to 140 °F ambient temperature range
  • -40 to 302°F process temperature range
  • Liquids and slurries:
    • ±0.25 to .1% flow accuracy
    • 0.125 to 0.05% flow repeatability on liquids and slurries
  • Gasses:
    • ±0.5% flow accuracy on gasses
    • 0.25% flow repeatability on gasses
  • Temperature:
    • ±1 °C, ±0.5% accuracy
    • 0.2 °C repeatability
  • Meets IEC 60068-2-6 standards
  • IP 66/67
  • 18-month warranty
  • Smart Meter Verification
  • Laser-etched tagging (optional)
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth display options


The Micro Motion G-Series Coriolis flow meter is ideally suited for process monitoring and optimization applications across all industries. The G-Series includes pre-configured models that are easily customizable for a variety of applications, with straightforward installation. The G-Series is compact and offers quick connectivity with the latest Micro Motion Transmitters 4200, 1600, 4700 and 5700, and streamlined maintenance with Smart Meter Verification. In addition to the standard analog offerings, the G-Series offers a reduction in wiring complexity with innovative Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2-wire loop powered and Power over Ethernet solutions.

The G-Series is designed without moving parts to reduce wear and tear for long term reliability, with optional laser-etched tagging for rougher operating environments. Easy to clean with its self-draining design means minimal maintenance, and more uninterrupted processing time. The G-Series has the option to include a rupture disk in the case to vent process fluid from the sensor in the event of a flow tube breach, adding to an already well-tested, safety-oriented design.

The large screen and buttons of the G-Series means streamlined navigation for technicians, and its market-leading compact and lightweight design provides easier compatibility with existing piping when replacing legacy flow meters (and full compatibility with existing 2-wire and 4-wire cabling).