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  • Water, wastewater & utility applications
  • Available in flanged & wafer styles
  • Polyurethane, PTFE & Neoprene liner
  • Line sizes available from 1/2in (15mm) to 48in (1200mm)
    • Call us for sizes above 24 inches
  • Fully welded construction
    • Withstands sustained vibration
  • Dual-compartment transmitter housing keeps electronics isolated from moisture and contamination
  • Continuous meter verification confirms meter calibration without interrupting the process
  • Electrode coating diagnostic indicates when preventive maintenance is needed, avoiding unexpected downtime
  • High process noise diagnostic provides accurate readings to reduce process variability
  • Printed report verifies meter performance for regulatory agencies
  • Easiest-to-use Local Operator Interface (LOI)
  • Simplified configuration at the meter
  • Fully tested and ready to install


The Rosemount 8750W magnetic flow meter brings together performance, reliability and intelligent diagnostics to create a superior solution for water, wastewater, and utility flow measurement.

Available in sizes ranging from 1/2 to 48 inches, the 8750W features fully welded construction to withstand vibration and dual-compartment transmitter housing to keep electronics isolated from moisture and contamination. This robust design provides the reliability and accuracy needed to keep important processes running.

The 8750 includes a field or wall mounted transmitter for fast, intuitive, and easy configuration. The field mount Rosemount 32ES transmitter includes die cast aluminum housing for excellent reliability. It is available with an optional backlit two line by 16 character local operator interface, and the transmitter can be configured by optical switches to simplify adjustments without removing the cover.

The wall mount Rosemount 12ES transmitter features an easy to use operator interface and the Rosemount magmeter diagnostics. The intuitive 15 button keypad provides instant access to the most commonly used functions, and the 2 line by 20 character display provides clear indication.

The Rosemount 8750W uses wafer or flanged process connections. Flanged sensors are fabricated from stainless and carbon steel and welded to provide a hermetic seal that protects against moisture and other contaminants.

The flangeless design of the wafer sensor makes it an economical, compact, and lightweight alternative to flanged models. Alignment spacers provided with every sensor assist with centering the sensor in the process line making installation easier.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Municipal Water/Wastewater Monitoring

The Background: Our customer is a municipal water department seeking a high quality industrial flow meter for use inside a pumping station.

The Problem: The customer wants a simple, accurate, reliable solution at a good price.

The Solution: We suggested the Rosemount 8750W magnetic flow meter. Based upon the popular Rosemount 8700 which offers a wide variety of configuration options and features that make it flexible for any industrial application, the 8750W is purposely built for the municipal water and wastewater market and reduces the available configuration options to only those necessary for water and wastewater applications, resulting in a more economical solution.