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  • 1 to 24 inch (DN25 to DN600) sizes available
  • 4-20mA & pulse output
  • ±0.75% accuracy
  • 5µS/cm minimum conductivity
  • ~20m/s flow velocity range
  • 290 psi pressure rating
  • -13 to 176°F liquid temp (-13 to 140°F ambient)
  • IP65 protection rating (IP68 for sensor optional)
  • Idaho Department of Water Resources certified
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The FloCat MFE is a complete electromagnetic flow metering system, combining both a flow sensor and transmitter into one convenient package. It incorporates rugged carbon steel construction with 150# ANSI flanges creating a versatile, user-friendly flow metering system for general purpose applications involving clean, sanitary, dirty, corrosive and abrasive liquids. The system is IP65 rated for protection from dust and low pressure water jets.

It's available in sizes from 1 to 24 inches (other sizes are available upon request). The MFE has no parts to obstruct flow resulting in no pressure loss and the 0.75% accuracy is not affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity, density or flow profile. With no moving parts, practically no maintenance is required. The chloroprene rubber sensor liner is suitable for liquid temperatures from -13 to 176°F and is compatible with most water-based fluids and many chemicals. Contact us for additional chemical compatibility information.

The MFE electromagnetic flow meter includes both 4-20mA and pulse output. The transmitter can be mounted either integrally to the flow sensor or remotely. The transmitter features a three-line LCD that displays the flow total, flow velocity, flow rate percent of range, and alarm settings. A four-button keypad is used to change settings. There are 27 flow unit options to choose from programmed into the transmitter.

The FloCat MFE electromagnetic flow meter is IDWR-certified as outlined in the Idaho Department of Water Resources state order requiring flow meters to be installed by water users that divert water in regulated areas from both ground and surface water sources. This flow meter was tested by the staff at Utah State's NIST traceable lab and passed all requirements set by the IDWR and Idaho Department of Agriculture. If you have any questions about this flow meter or what IDWR-approved flow meter best fits your application, please ask one of our helpful engineers. 1-800-884-4967.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Livestock Water Monitoring

The Background: Our customer is a cattle ranch in a Western state that needs to monitor the amount of water—both drinking water and washdown water-—being used for livestock as part of their water management plan required by the state.

The Problem: The customer wants a simple, reliable, and inexpensive solution that can handle the rigors of field use and interface with recording instruments to comply with regulations.

The Solution: We recommended the Flocat MFE electromagnetic flow meter paired with a Partlow Circular MRC5000 chart recorder. The MFE outputs a 4-20mA current signal for flow rate and the MRC5000 takes in this linear output to create a paper record of flow rate over a 1 week basis (7 days).

This system will provide decades of trouble free flow measurement without the need for calibration (unless required by the state) or removal from the line for cleaning or repair.

Monitoring Sewage Flow to a Leachfield

The Background: Our customer is a seasonal RV park that needs to monitor the sewage flow to their leach field.

The Problem: Traditional mechanical flow meters are likely to become clogged by the solids in the sewage and the customer doesn't need the accuracy or expense of a high-end industrial mag meter.

The Solution: We recommended the Flocat MFE electromagnetic flow meter. The MFE has no parts that extend into the flow stream, eliminating the potential for clogging, making it ideal for sewage. It also provides ±0.75% accuracy which is good for this application but without the expense of higher accuracy models.

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Part Number Diameter Mount Type Power Supply Price Available
6 inch (DN150)
100 to 230VAC
$2,649.00 4 in stock
8 inch (DN200)
100 to 230VAC
$3,125.00 4 in stock
8 inch (DN200)
100 to 230VAC
$3,365.00 3 in stock
1 inch (DN25)
100 to 230VAC
$2,039.00 2 in stock
1 inch (DN25)
100 to 230VAC
$1,799.00 1 in stock
1.5 inch (DN40)
100 to 230VAC
$1,849.00 1 in stock
2.5 inch (DN65)
100 to 230VAC
$2,025.00 1 in stock
10 inch (DN250)
100 to 230VAC
$3,965.00 1 in stock

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