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  • High temp option available on sensors 2in & above
  • Smart Meter Verification (SMV) system monitoring
  • Mass/volume flow of liquids and slurries
    • ±0.10% of rate (±0.05% optional) accuracy
    • ±0.05% of rate (±0.025% optional) repeatability
  • Gas mass flow has ±0.20% of rate repeatability
    • ±0.25% of rate accuracy (CMFS models)
    • ±0.35% of rate accuracy (CMF models)
  • Density measurement of liquids and slurries
    • ±0.0005g/cm3 (±0.0002g/cm3 optional) accuracy
    • ±0.0002g/cm3 (±0.0001g/cm3 optional) repeatability
  • All have a density range up to 5g/cm3 (5000kg/m3)


The Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis flow meters offer peak performance in a drainable design with a variety of industry approvals for use in strictly governed sanitary applications. This is a scalable platform for a broad array of application coverage including hygienic, cryogenic, and high pressure.

These meters are calibrated using state of the art calibration stands making them compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 standards and achieving ±0.14% uncertainty. The case pressure ratings adhere to ASME B31.3 and NAMUR NE132 international standards.

They incorporate an advanced diagnostics tool, Smart Meter Verification (SMV), that verifies the meter is operating as well as the day it was installed. The SMV feature is a comprehensive test that can be run locally or from the control room to provide confidence in the functionality and performance of your meter.

By providing a wide range of tube designs and flow rate coverage you are able to achieve the best fit to serve your application.

Low flow precision measurement applications down to 0.07lb/min:

  • Flavoring
  • Vials
  • OEM applications
  • Chemical injection

Process control applications:

  • Truck loading
  • Internal allocation
  • Process gas measurement
  • Leak detection
  • Produced fluids with chlorides

High capacity applications up to 120,000lb/min (3,200tons/hr):

  • Custody transfer
  • Ship loading
  • Railcar loading
  • Pipeline measurement
  • Feedstock and fuel blending


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This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Cryogenic Gas Laser Cooling

The Background: Our customer is a research facility that uses cryogenic argon to cool a state-of-the-art laser. They require a meter to monitor to flow of the argon to ensure proper cooling of the laser.

The Problem: Argon remains a gas down to -189˚F so the meter must be able to handle these extreme temperatures. Additionally, the meter exterior is exposed to vacuum level pressures which acts as a thermal insulator. This vacuum pressure can also allow for argon gas to leak through faulty connections and escape into the surroundings.

The Solution: We suggested the Micro Motion ELITE coriolis flow meter. ELITE Series meters have been extensively used in cryogenic applications and, in addition to an accuracy of 0.35%, a number of special engineering options have been developed over time that enhance longevity at these extreme conditions. The ELITE series also has no process connections, instead the meter is welded in place. This virtually eliminates the possibility of the argon gas leaking into the vacuum insulator layer.

Gas Turbine Research

The Background: Our customer is a university engineering department that is conducting research into improving the efficiency of gas turbines. They are seeking a high accuracy flow meter with which they can measure the fuel and oxygen consumed by the engine.

The Problem: Measuring the fuel intake is simple but the researchers must also be able to measure the amount of oxygen consumed as well. The oxygen, of course, is in the air and accurate measurement is subject to varying temperatures and pressures.

The Solution: We recommended the Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis flow meter. The ELITE offers true mass measurement, at 0.25% accuracy, unaffected by temperature or pressure. This allows the customer to adjust the air conditions and the flow rate across a very wide range in order to get a complete picture of total air consumption.