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The Minitrol-PW ratemeter / totalizer is a single input counter/ratemeter intended for use with low flow paddle or pelton wheel turbine flowmeters. Two scale factors are used to describe the flowmeter calibration characteristics. The two 5 AMP preset relay outputs can be programmed by the user to apply to the "A" total counter or the "A" ratemeter. The user can view the rate, total and grand total.


Accurate to 4-1/2 digits (±1 display digit). The rate meter can be programmed to accept almost any number of pulses per unit of measurement and auto-range up to 5 digits of significant information. The display can be programmed to read in units per Second (sec), Minute (min), Hour (hour), or Day (day).


The two 6-digit totalizers can count at 10kHz speed. They share a 5-digit dividing scale factor.