Rosemount 3051CFA Annubar Flow Meter
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  • Industry leading integrated DP Flow meters
  • Energy Savings from minimal permanent pressure loss
  • 2 to 96 inch line sizes
  • Various mounting options
  • Real-time mass and energy flow measurements
  • Flo-tap design of the 485 and 585

The Rosemount 3051CFA Annubar Flow meter combines the proven 3051C pressure transmitter and the latest primary element technology:

  • Annubar averaging pitot tube
  • Compact conditioning orifice plate
  • Integral orifice plate

Better measurement begins by selecting the best flow technology for each application. AnnubarĀ® technology has been specified for over 35 years in applications requiring performance, flexibility, reliability and lower total cost of ownership. The innovative technology of the Annubar sensors offers more advantages that save time and money.

Multivariable capabilities allow for real time fully compensated mass and energy flow. The 3051CFA minimizes permanent pressure loss and saves energy with annubar technology. It reduces straight pipe requirements to two diameters upstream and downstream from flow disturbances with conditioning orifice plate technology. It improves accuracy and repeatability in small line sizes with a integral orifice plate technology.

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Please consider these optional accessories.

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Connects WirelessHART networks with host systems & data applications, offers network flexibility for remote indoor operations
Rosemount 1420 Wireless Gateway
NEMA 4X gateway connects WirelessHART networks with host systems with the capacity for up to 100 devices
Rosemount 775 Wireless THUM Adapter
Enables wireless capabilities for 2, 3, or 4-wire HART devices to remotely manage, monitor & gather data


This product can be used in the following applications:

Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Making High Flow Measurements of Flammable Gas

The Background: Our customer is an oil refinery that is capturing and utilizing flammable gases from their flare stacks. They seek a means to accurately measure the amount of gas they recover.

The Problem: Flare stacks are used to burn-off flammable gases produced while refining crude oil. Our customer is recovering this gas for other uses. The gas is transported through a 2-inch line at flow rates of up to 4MMSCFD. The high flow makes it difficult to get an accurate measurement on the amount of gas travelling through the pipe.

The Solution: We recommended a Rosemount 3051CFA Annubar flow meter which uses differential pressure measurements capable of accurately measuring real-time mass and energy flow measurements in high flow applications. The 3051CFA is also available with a range of hazardous area approvals making it compatible for use with flammable gases.