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  • Measuring Accuracy: ±2% of full-scale
  • Repeatability: ±0.5% of full-scale
  • Turn Down Ratio: 10:1
  • Flow Measuring Range (SS Body): 1/2" porting, 0.5–15 GPM (2–60 LPM); 3/4" – 1" porting, 1.5–50 GPM (60–200 LPM)
  • Temperature Range (SS Body): 20-225ºF (-7 to 107ºC)
  • Maximum Pressure (SS Body): to 500 PSIG (34 bar); With optional clear cover: to 200 PSIG (14 bar)
  • Flow Measuring Range (Poly Body): 0.5-15 GPM (2-60 LPM); With optional low-flow adapter: 0.1-4.0 GPM (0.4-15 LPM)
  • Temperature Range (Poly Body): 20-150°F
  • Maximum Pressure (Poly Body): 150 PSIG
  • 10' pigtail, 22 AWG multi-conductor cable standard


The AW-Lake FlowStat sensors are available with either a stainless steel or polypropylene body, depending on your flow monitoring needs. Both units feature an accuracy of ±2% of full-scale and a repeatability of ±0.5% of full-scale. For additional compatibility, the AW-Lake FlowStat sensors offer 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, pulse or relay outputs.

Port Sizes for the AW-Lake FlowStat Sensors

  • The 1/2" port size features a 0.5-15 GPM (2-60 LPM) flow measuring range.
  • The 3/4" port size has a 1.5-50 GPM (60-200 LPM) range.
  • The 1" port size has a 1.5-50 GPM (60-200 LPM) range.

Regardless of port size, the AW-Lake FlowStat sensors with stainless steel bodies have a 10:1 turn down ratio and temperature range of 20-225°F (-7 to 107°C).

The ES version of the AW-Lake FlowStat sensors feature a durable polypropylene body for cost savings and compatibility with a variety of fluids. The ES sensor still offers a flow measuring accuracy of ±2% of full scale, and is capable of handing pressures up to 150 PSIG and temperatures up to 150°F.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Low-Cost, High Pressure Pulse Meter

The Background: Our customer manufactures a range of multi-stage pumps designed for dewatering mines. They require a simple pulse meter to be used in a pump prototype they are currently developing

The Problem: Striking a balance between cost and performance will be critical. Even though the pump is capable of producing pressures up to 450psi, since it is only a prototype, the customer wants to keep the cost as low as possible.

The Solution: We recommended a Lake Monitors FlowStat flow sensor. With an all stainless steel body and cover options selected, the FlowStat provides a pulse output for simple water flows up to 500 PSIG.