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  • Multivariable capabilities
  • Up to ±0.75% of flow rate accuracy
  • 1/2in, 1in and 1 1/2in line sizes
  • Precision honed pipe sections
  • Numerous process connections
  • Stainless steel or Alloy C276 plate material
  • Installation flexibility
  • Integral thermowell enables compensated mass flow
  • Reduces leak points

The Rosemount 3051CFP Integral Orifice Flow Meter assembly is designed to meet the need for highly accurate small bore flow measurements with minimal installation and maintenance requirements. The 3051CFP has multivariable capabilities that allow for real time compensated mass and energy flow. It minimizes permanent pressure loss and saves energy with annubar technology.

Additional features include:

  • Reduce straight pipe requirements to two diameters upstream and downstream from flow disturbances with Conditioning Orifice Plate Technology
  • Improve accuracy and repeatability in small line sizes with Integral Orifice Plate Technology
  • Available preassembled to the world's most popular pressure transmitters
  • Gasket groove and self-centering orifice plate design to prevent installation errors
  • Numerous process connections and construction material options
  • Wide orifice bore/flow range capability
  • Compliant with NACE MR-0175

This product can be used in the following applications: