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  • 0.3m/s to 40m/s gas measuring range
  • Measuring temperature range:
    • -50° to 150°C (-58° to 302°F)
    • -50° to 100°C (-58° to 212°F) with integrated pressure cell
  • 0.7 to 101bar a (10.15 to 1464.88psi a) max process pressure
  • 0.5 % maximum measuring accuracy
  • Backlit display with touch control and WLAN access


The E+H Proline Prosonic G 300 ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for a wide range of gas applications even with wet gas and changing gas properties and compositions. The G 300 provides accurate measurement of natural and process gas in the chemical as well as oil and gas industries. The compact transmitter offers high flexibility in terms of operation and system integration with the inclusion of one side access, remote display and improved connectivity options.

The G 300 has a pressure-rated sensor housing with rupture disc that limits safety risks and the Heartbeat Technology ensures compliance and process safety at all times.