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Greyline Instruments DFS 5.1 Doppler Flow Switch
Precision flow control from the outside of metal or plastic pipes
Gems FS-550 Series Flow Switch
High pressure, metal paddle switch senses liquid flow in either direction to monitor flow/no-flow conditions
Gems FS-200 Series Flow Switch
Ideal for detection of improper flow rates in high volume lubrication, cooling or process systems
Gems FS-380 Series Flow Switch
Compact flow switch for inline pressures up to 1500 psi
Kobold PSR/PS Paddle Flow Switch
Paddle type flow switch with a maximum pressure of 1450 PSI for brass and 3600 PSI for SS, replaces the OK15
Gems FS-4 Series Flow Switch
Makes flow protection economical for a broad range of industrial applications
Kobold Kal-K and Kal-A Flow Sensors
Compact, thermal flow sensors with microprocessor-based drift stabilization
TruFlo FES Flow Switch
Heavy duty all plastic flow switch, corrosion resistant, NEMA 4X enclosure, DIN connector
Gems FS-600 Series Flow Switch
Thermal dispersion technology provides a robust flow switch with no moving parts
Gems FS-927 Series Flow Switch
Compact flow switches are ideal for use where space is at a premium
Kobold SM Variable Area Flow Switch/Flow Meter
All metal, high pressure flow meter and switch for easy vertical or horizontal installation
Kobold KAL-L Thermal Air Flow Switch
Capable of rapid detection of flow rate change of non-hazardous gases
Flowline FT10 / GT10 Thermo-Flo Liquid and Gas Flow Switch
General purpose flow switch provides reliable low or no-flow detection of relatively clean, non-coating media with one 1A relay output
Gems FS-925 Series Flow Switch
Precision-calibrated flow switches for reliable and consistent performance
Gems FS-500 Series Flow Switch
Low cost flow monitoring with a variety of switch actuation points and low pressure drop
Gems FS-400 Series Flow Switch
Highly accurate, general purpose flow switch with 90° flow path
Gems FS-400P Series Flow Switch
Transparent PVC housing is ideal for use where visual flow confirmation is desirable
Gems FS-380P Series Flow Switch
Industrial strength, inline plastic flow switch
Kobold SV Float Type Flow Meters and Flow Switches
Compact float type flow meters and switches in brass or stainless steel, replaces the OK55
TruFlo UFS Series Flow Switch
All plastic design, N/O or N/C operation, cut to size, vertical or horizontal installation
Flowline LC10 / LC11 Switch Pro Level Controller
Compact level switch, two configurations for pump and valve control, fail safe relay control of pumps or valves with 0-60 second delay
Kobold KAL-D Compact Thermal Flow Switch
Compact flow switch with microcontroller for outstanding temperature compensation
Gems FS-150 Series Flow Switch
Flow switch with a unique, dual-diameter, internal bore and piston configuration to minimize flow constriction
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Gems FS-10798 Series Flow Switch
Externally adjustable flow switches offer an infinite number of flow settings at pressures up to 1000 psig
Gems FS-480 Series Flow Switch
Large-body inline flow switches deliver ample flow rates with minimal pressure drop
Gems FS-930 Series Flow Switch
Unique piston design assures accuracy over a full range of viscosities for applications where liquids of different viscosities are blended
Gems RFS Series Flow Switch
Combines visual confirmation of flow with dynamic, electronic switch operation
Gems FS-926 Series Flow Switch
Precision flow switch with 1% repeatability for low flow applications
Flowline AX1X Thermo-Flo Flow Controller
Compact flow switch, reliable low flow or no flow detection of relatively clean non-coating media with a 16A relay
TruFlo NC-25 Flow & Level Switch
All-plastic design, non-intrusive design, fits pipe diameters from 3/8 to 1/2", NPN open collector output
Kobold SMN Flow Switches
Measures low flow with minimum pressure loss at high flow rates
Flowline LC80 / LC82 Remote Flow Controller
Remote Flow Switch, offered in two configurations for low-flow pump and process protection, fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves
Flowline AZ13 / AU13 / AV13 Switch Pak Level Controller
Level switch, Polypropylene or PVDF single-point package for corrosive liquids, fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves with 0-60 second delay
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Flowline LC30 Thermo-Flo Flow Controller
Compact flow switch w/ fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves w/ 0-60 second delay, provides one 16A relay for low-flow pump or process protection