• Measures water level and velocity in partially filled pipes and open channels
  • Velocity measurement range: 0.1 to 12.5 ft/sec
  • Works with water level from 1" to 15 feet
  • Accuracy:
    • Level: ±0.25% of Range
    • Velocity: ±2% of Reading
  • No flume or weir required
  • Extremely low power consumption, oiperates up to 4 years with standard alkaline batteries
  • 130,000 point data logger
  • USB output
  • Powerful Windows software
  • LCD bar graph display
  • Includes powerful Windows software for flow analysis and reporting
  • Watertight, airtight, dust proof (IP 67) polycarbonate enclosure

What's in the Box

  • QZ02L submersible ultrasonic level/velocity Sensor
  • 25 ft. shielded tri-coaxial sensor cable
  • Stainless steel sensor mounting bracket
  • Greyline Data Logger software for Windows™
  • USB download cable
  • Installation and operation manual


The Greyline Instruments Stingray 2.0 is a compact, battery-powered ultrasonic flow logger. It data logs level, velocity and water temperature readings for flow monitoring through open channels, partially full sewer pipes and surcharged pipes. The Stingray 2.0 is ideal for flow surveys, I & I studies, stormwater, irrigation water and sewage applications.

The Stingray 2.0 uses a submerged ultrasonic sensor to continuously measure both velocity and level in the channel. The sensor is a completely sealed ultrasonic unit with no orifices or ports. It is hydrodynamically shaped and designed to shed deposits and stringers for reliable operation in sewage, stormwater and stream flow applications. The QZ02L sensor mounts inside the pipe or at the bottom of an open channel. No special compounds, tools or hardware are required. A stainless steel mounting bracket is included.

The Stingray 2.0 stores 130,000 data points including level, velocity and water temperature. The built-in LCD bar graph display allows for checking the operation of the meter. Users can quickly scroll through level, velocity and temperature readings, plus remaining battery and logger storage capacity. The display turns off automatically after 60 seconds to conserve battery power. The Stingray 2.0 will operate up to 4 years with standard alkaline batteries.

The Greyline Instruments Stingray 2.0 includes USB output to which users can connect a laptop or PC to view realtime level and velocity readings, view remaining logger and battery capacity and to set the Stingray 2.0 logging interval.


This product can be used in the following applications: