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  • NEMA 4X / IP65 Front Panel
  • Separate Add/Subtract Simultaneous Inputs


The MINITROL Ratemeter / Totalizer is a 6 digit totalizer / ratemeter with two level, 5 digit preset alarm control of total or rate. Inputs A & B have separate scaling K-factors. The totalizer can be programmed for "A" subtract "B", "A" add "B" or A & B as separate totalizers, with display and control of the "net" total and rate of "A". The MINITROL is also available in 4 other versions. MC2: a two preset totalizer with scaling, MR2: a high/low alarm ratemeter with scaling; The "MC": a totalizing counter only, and the "MR": a rate meter display only. If only one input is required, the unit will display the total and rate from that one channel. The MINITROL can accept up to 10,000 pulses per second. It has a 5 digit floating decimal scale factor allowing total readout in true engineering units and rate per second, minute or hour.

Input "A" simultaneously drives a ratemeter which can be programmed to display the basic frequency (rate per second) or factored to show rate per minute or rate per hour. Simply push the "VIEW" button to see either total or rate without losing a count. Two separate 5 A relay contacts can be set to operate at either rate or total presets in a latch or auto-recycle mode with output timing from 0.1 to 99.9 seconds. Two control outputs can be assigned to either the totalizer or ratemeter and can automatically recycle at the batch or stay latched until reset.

Up to 99 units can communicate to a host computer on a single RS232 or RS422 loop. When two inputs are received (A & B), the unit can eitheradd or subtract the two inputs or display the two inputs as separate totalizers.