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  • Models LC10 and LC11 Compact Level Controllers
  • Sensor inputs:
    • LC10: (1) two wire level switch
    • LC11: (2) two wire level switches
  • Fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves with 0-60 second delay
  • LED indication: Sensor, power & relay
  • NEMA4X (IP65) enclosure rating
  • Contact type:
    • LC10: (1) SPDT relay
    • LC11: (1) SPDT relay, latching
  • Strobe type option:
    • 10X1: N/A
    • 10X2: Xenon tube
  • Strobe flash option:
    • 10X1: N/A
    • 10X2: (1) per second
  • Contact rating: 250 VAC @ 16A
  • Contact output: Selectable NO / NC
  • Approvals: CSA, LR 79326
  • Sensor supply: 13.5 VDC @ 27 mA
  • Consumption: 5 watts maximum

The Flowline LC10 / LC11 Switch Pro Level Controller is offered in two configurations for pump and valve control. The LC10 accepts one level sensor input and provides one 16A relay for high level control or low level control. The LC11 accepts two level sensor inputs and provides one latching 16A relay for automatic fill or empty control. The optional flash alarm brings attention to level alarm conditions. Package this level controller with our liquid level switch sensors and fittings.

Additional features of the Flowline LC10 / LC11 Switch Pro Level Controller include:

  • Fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves with 0-60 second delay
  • Optional strobe brings immediate attention to level alarm conditions
  • Polypropylene enclosure rated NEMA 4X with swivel base for conduit alignment
  • Easy setup with LED indicators for sensor, power and relay status
  • Invert switch changes relay state from NO to NC without rewiring
  • Connects to any Flowline level switch
  • Can be installed outdoors in any GP environment
  • Interfaces directly with any horn, buzzer, valve, etc.
  • Use LC11 versions for automatic fill/empty applications
  • Add strobe for optional visual alarm
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