Badger Meter Industrial Turbo Turbine Flow Meter
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  • 1.5% Accuracy
  • 0.25% Repeatability
  • Low pressure loss
  • Long lasting ceramic bearings
  • Simple in-line serviceability
  • 3 Housing materials available

Badger's Industrial Turbine is a rugged, reliable meter ideally suited for chemical or industrial fluid applications. Its compact size and ease of serviceability without removal from the line, coupled with a choice of materials, make this a cost effective selection. Designed with performance in mind, the meter provides a high level of accuracy over a wide flow range with a minimum of pressure loss.

The Badger Meter Turbine is available in line sizes of 2", 3", 4" and 6" with a choice of flange ratings and three different body materials including stainless steel. Its unique straight through flow profile and ceramic bearing design optimize performance.

To complement the meter, Badger offers a complete line of accessories that includes mechanical, pneumatic, electromechanical and state-of-the-art electronic transmitters, totalizers, indicators and process controllers.

The Badger Meter Industrial Turbine is a volumetric liquid flow meter which works on the time proven principle of a rotor turning at an angular velocity proportional to the fluid velocity through the turbine. The meter has straightening vanes and a nose cone in the inlet side which minimize upstream turbulence and direct the flow to the rotor effectively. Electronic pickups generate signals from the rotor magnet. This is translated to 4-20 mA and/or open collector-transistor pulse outputs. Mechanical pickups and electromechanical outputs are also available.

Badger's Turbo meter is used in a wide range of fluid applications covering from water to oils, solvents to acids. The meter has been used in water treatment systems, loading and unloading of tankers or rail cars, batching systems, or simply inventory control of a process fluid. Anywhere high volume and/or high flow rates are at least sometimes required in the application, the Turbo meter is likely the right choice.

Badger Meter PFT-1E & PFT-4E Signal Transmitters
Meter mounted electronic scaled pulse signal transmitters
Badger Meter MS-E1 and MS-ER1 Signal Transmitters
Meter mounted mechanical scaled pulse signal transmitters
Badger Meter EC-A Signal Transmitter
Meter mounted electronic contacting register
Badger Meter Electronic Unscaled Pulse Transmitters
FT-1E, PFT-2E and PFT-3E meter mounted electronic unscaled pulse signal transmitters
Badger Meter PFT-3 Signal Transmitter
Reed switch transmitter with unscaled pulse output for Turbo Meters
Badger Meter PFT420 Analog Flow Transmitters
PFT420, PFT420/2 & FT420B versatile analog flow transmitters with 4-20 mA DC output signal through a two-wire design
Badger Meter 258 HW Totalizer
Meter mounted non-resettable mechanical totalizer
Badger Meter RCDL Totalizer
Basic meter mounted non-resettable totalizer
Badger Meter ER Series Digital Transmitters
Meter or remote mount, designed for use with Disc meters, Industrial Turbo Meters, Recordal Turbo Meters and OP Meters


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