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  • Self-draining design for critical process control service
  • Low frequency, high sensitivity fit-and-forget meter
  • Smart Meter Verification (SMV) system monitoring
  • Stainless steel 316L or nickel alloy C-22 wetted parts
  • Select accuracy from ±0.20 to ±0.10% of flow rate
  • -150 to 400°F (-100 to 204°C) standard temp rating
    • High temp option on 1 inch & lower line sizes
    • -40 to 662°F (-40 to 350°C)
  • Standard pressure rating is 1450 psi (SS), 2160 psi (C22)
    • High pressure SS options on 1/4 & 1/2 line sizes


The Micro Motion F-Series Coriolis flow sensor measures necessary flow and density process variables simultaneously with reliable performance, even under the most demanding of process conditions. Multiple line sizes provide an ideal platform for batching, distribution, allocation and intra-plant measurement applications.

The F-Series offers a broad range of I/O offerings including HART, Profibus-DP, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and 4-20mA for communication flexibility. It also incorporates an advanced diagnostics tool, Smart Meter Verification (SMV), that verifies the meter is operating as well as the day it was installed. The SMV feature is a comprehensive test that can be run locally or from the control room to provide confidence in the functionality and performance of your meter.


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Maintaining Accuracy When the Fluid Changes Density

The Background: The customer is a commercial bakery that had previously used a volumetric flow meter for batching ingredients during the production of bread.

The Problem: Air can get drawn into the system when the pumps switch on and off. The old flow meter they were using could not compensate for this and, therefore, could not provide accurate and repeatable measurements.

The Solution: The Mirco Motion F-series is a coriolis flow meter which measures mass directly providing highly accurate and repeatable measurements even when the fluid changes density, such as when air is introduced into the water. Additionally, Micro Motion products are made in the US which can considerably shorten the lead time meaning less waiting and less downtime.