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  • High accuracy at peak flows and at low flows
  • Standard in-house wet calibration
  • Bi-directional flow measurements
  • Reference electrode, no grounding rings needed
  • Suitable for subsoil installation and constant flooding (IP68)
  • Rilsan® polymer coating
  • Long term reliability and maintenance free
  • No moving parts, no wear and no obstruction in the flow
  • Drinking water approvals ACS, DVGW, NSF, TZW & WRAS
  • Compliant with requirements for custody transfer
    • MID MI-001, IS4064, EN 14154


The KROHNE WATERFLUX 3000 Electromagnetic Flowmeter strength lies in its unique construction with a rectangular and reduced cross section and its efficient coil construction. The coils provide a stronger and more homogeneous magnetic field, leading to an improved signal to noise ratio. The measurement is therefore independent of the flow profile and measurements are very stable. This results in a very good low flow performance.

Because of the unique WATERFLUX 3000 flow sensor design, whereby the mean flow velocity and flow profile are optimized within the rectangular and reduced cross section, the additional uncertainty for upstream disturbances is drastically reduced. The water meter can be installed directly behind an elbow or reducer in the pipe without straight inlet or outlet lengths. A substantial reduction of inlet and outlet sections means smaller measurement pits.

The Rilsan® coating of the flow sensor is chemically resistant, durable and maintenance-free, flexible and tough, smooth and pore-free and free of solvents. The coating is widely used in the water industry and has received a wide range of drinking water certifications.

Though the KROHNE WATERFLUX 3000 is available with a full range of signal converters, it has been specially designed to work with the IFC 070 signal converter which is a battery-powered unit ideal for remote installations. The WATERFLUX 3070 is the designation given the WATERFLUX 3000 flow meter when paired with the IFC 070 converter. All signal converters must be purchased separately.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Monitoring Ground Water in a Remote Location

The Background: Our customer is an environmental company that needs to accurately monitor subsurface water in a remote location.

The Problem: As the monitoring will be done at a remote location without access to power, one of the major challenges is to maintain a good accuracy without using much power. Another challenge is that the device needs to be submersible.

The Solution: The solution that we provided was the Krohen Waterflux 3000 electromagentic flow meter with the integrally mounted IFC070 battery powered submersible display. Due to the geometry of the bore of the flow meter the customer is able to read very low flows accurately. This was a temporary monitoring application and the customer plans to move the meter to another site after 12 months.