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  • DK46-800
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  • Simple, low-cost measuring principle without auxiliary power
  • Stainless steel, brass or PVDF fittings
  • Needle valve in foot or head piece
  • Process temperatures: 23 to 212°F
  • Operating pressure up to 145 psi
  • Liquid flow rate: 0.01 to 42 gph
  • Gas flow rate: 0.022 to 180 scfh
  • 2 limit switches (ring initiators)
  • Accuracy: 1.0 to 4.0% (depending on length of cone)
  • Use in hazardous areas (ATEX)
  • Many different process connections
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The KROHNE DK 46, DK 47, DK 48 and DK 800 are variable area flow meters designed for low flow liquid and gas applications. These meters are especially well suited to measuring carrier gases in gas chromatography; for display, monitoring and dosing of gases in production processes; and for measuring liquids and gases in laboratories and pilot installations.

KROHNE DK series glass cone variable area flow meters utilize simple, float technology. The measuring unit consists of a glass cone in which a float can move freely up and down. As the medium flows through the meter, the height of the float on the scale indicates the flow rate. These meters measure liquid flow rates from 0.01 to 42 gph and gas flow rates from 0.022 to 180 scfh. The different models of this series correspond to varying cone length for different accuracy requirements. For precise setting of the flow value, all devices are equipped with a metering valve.

The KROHNE DK 46, DK 47, DK 48 and DK 800 variable area flow meters are simple to install and require little maintenance. It is easy to change the measuring glass, which is protected by a plastic cover, without disassembling the fitting. In applications with fluctuating operating pressure, a differential pressure regulator can be directly connected in order to ensure constant flow.

DK46 DK47 DK48 DK800
Liquid Flow (low) 0.065 gph 0.13 gph 0.01 gph 0.065 gph
Liquid Flow (high) 42 gph 25 gph 25 gph 42 gph
Gas Flow (low) 0.022 scfh
0.06 scfh 0.025 scfh 0.018 scfh
Gas Flow (high) 45 scfh
30 scfh 110 scfh 180 scfh
Accuracy 4.0% 2.5% 1.0% 2.5%
Length 4.37"
5.36" (DKR46)
7.72" 13.6" 5.75"
Temperature Minimum: 23°F; Maximum: 212°F (149°F with limit switches)
Pressure 145 psi (brass and SS fittings); 58 psi (PVDF fittings)


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