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  • Measures volume flow, mass flow, energy flow,
    heat flow difference, and temperature
  • DN 25 to 300 (1 to 12in) nominal diameter range
    for wet steam
  • Accuracy:
    Up to ±0.65% volume flow
    Up to ±0.85% mass flow
  • Consistent accuracy down to Re 10,000
  • PN 100, Class 600, 20K maximum process pressure
  • Medium temperature range:
    –40 to 500° F (–40 to 260° C) standard
    –328 to 752° F (–200 to 400° C) optional
  • Inlet run compensation
  • IP66/67, type 4X enclosure
  • 4‐line backlit display with touch control

The E+H Proline Prowirl F 200 vortex flow meter offers the preferred measuring principle for wet, saturated or superheated steam, gases and liquids. The meter features a robust, drift-free capacitive sensor for long-term stability, and a separate connection compartment for convenient device wiring. With genuine loop-powered technology, the F 200 enables cost-effective and seamless integration into existing infrastructures. Integrated verification with Heartbeat technology ensures process safety at all times. The Prowirl F 200 also features flexible positioning of the pressure cell, an industrial siphon design for pressure measurement, and a display module with data transfer function.

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6in, DN150
Non-hazardous area
Cl.300 RF Sch.40, flange ASME B16.5
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