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  • No system shutdown needed for install
  • Accuracy: 5% of reading
  • Temperature Compensation Range: 20 to 120°F (-7 to 49°C)
  • Fluids: Compressed air and nitrogen
  • Nominal Sizes: 25mm to 1.5in
  • Operating pressure: 130psig maximum
  • Input power: 250 mA at 24 VDC
  • Output resistance: 600 Ohms max.
  • Materials: stainless steel, gold, thermal epoxy and Viton (seal)
  • Ring material: Aluminum
  • Convertible pulse/threshold output available
  • Housing can be oriented for vertical/horizontal install
  • Four-digit LED display
  • Quick response time
  • RS-485 output available
  • Pressure sensing available

What's in the Box

  • CDI 5250 Flow Meter
  • Hot Tap Drill Guide (5250-DG)
  • Wall-plug DC supply for 110 to 230V AC main with 6ft cable
  • 14ft extension cable
  • Installation Kit


The CDI Meters 5250 Hot-Tap Compressed Air Flow Meter features a thermal mass design, gauging the flow rate of compressed air and nitrogen via the heat required to maintain the differential between its probes. The CDI 5250 is a modified version of the The CDI Meters 5200 Compressed Air Flow Meter, allowing for installation without system shutdown. A two-ring clamp design, the CDI 5250 has two valves through which the probes pass into the pipe, and a muffler which collects metal chips during the installation process. The CDI 5250 comes with a drill guide included for a safe and easy installation process. 

Built to operate accurately up to 130psig with weather resistant materials and inbuilt surge protection to further drive home its low maintenance design and reduce user labor. In addition to an easy to read LED display, the CDI 5250 offers streamlined navigation. The user is able to utilize a single button on the front of the meter to alternate between rate, daily usage and cumulative usage, as well as select a default display option, change units of measurement, and reset totals. The CDI 5250 has an optional eight banks of memory for continuous logging of flow history, with a one million+ sample capacity per bank. Optional RS-485 output for networking is also available.

The CDI 5250 comes with a wall-plug DC supply for 110 to 230V AC main with a 6ft cable plus a 14ft extension cable. Alternatively the user can hardwire the meter to a 24VDC supply. The CDI 5250 features an inbuilt milliamp output, and is shipped with a jumper to power it directly from the flow meter's DC power supply. 

The CDI 5250 comes with a standard three year warranty. 


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