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  • 0.3m/s to 40m/s gas measuring range
  • Measuring temperature range:
    • -50° to 150°C (-58° to 302°F)
    • -50° to 100°C (-58° to 212°F) with integrated pressure cell
  • 0.7 to 101bar a (10.15 to 1464.88psi a) max process pressure
  • 0.5 % maximum measuring accuracy
  • Backlit display with touch control and WLAN access


The E+H Proline Prosonic G 500 ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for a wide range of gas applications and provides flow measurement with real-time pressure and temperature-compensated values - even with wet gas, changing gas properties and compositions. The G 500 provides accurate measurement of natural and process gas in the chemical as well as oil and gas industries.

The G 500 has a pressure-rated sensor housing with rupture disc that limits safety risks. It has a remote transmitter that maximizes installation flexibility and operational safety in demanding environments while the Heartbeat Technology ensures compliance and process safety at all times.

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