• Non-contacting ultrasonic sensor
  • Accurate and verifiable
  • ±0.25% of range accuracy
  • Built-in 26-million point data logger
  • USB outputs and Windows® software
  • Isolated 4-20mA/0-5V output
  • 2 programmable control relays
  • Simple 5-key calibration with language selection
  • Password protected
  • On-screen flow and level reports
  • NEMA4X (IP 66) polycarbonate enclosure
    • Water & dust tight with shatterproof cover


The Greyline Instruments, by Pulsar Measurement, OCF 6.1 open channel flow & tank level meter uses a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor mounted over a flume or weir to measure flow, or inside/above a tank to measure level. The separate, watertight electronics/display enclosure can be mounted within 500 ft (150 m) of the sensor. The OCF 6.1 continuously displays, totalizes, transmits, and data logs open channel flow or level.

The OCF 6.1 is easy to set up and operate. A built-in keypad allows for simple menu selection of flume or weir and measurement units (e.g. gallons, liters, etc.) Configuration settings and data logs are password protected and retained during power interruptions. The OCF 6.1 will display on-screen flow or level reports with daily total, minimum, maximum, and average flow/level and will transfer data logs to a USB flash drive. PC software for easy report generation is included.

Each OCF 6.1 includes either a non-contacting PZ15 sensor designed for the special requirements of open channel flow measurement, or a PZ32T sensor designed for the special requirements of tank level measurement. The ultrasonic sensor beams are narrow enough to work on very small flumes, and powerful enough for really large applications. The OCF 6.1 automatically tunes to extended cable lengths up to 500 ft (150 m) lengths. Connect the OCF 6.1's isolated 4-20 mA output to external displays, chart recorders, or controllers and use the built-in relays for flow/level alarms and flow proportionate pulse to samplers, chlorinators or external totalizers.

Greyline Logger software is included and displays data in both graph and table formats. You can view flow and level data onscreen, generate reports, and save files to disk . Graphs can be exported as images and data tables can be exported as delimited text files, or directly to Microsoft Excel®. Any USB flash drive can be plugged into the OCF 6.1 USB output to download data log files automatically. Downloaded files are sequentially named by the meter, so log files from the same or multiple instruments can be stored on one flash drive.





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