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  • Brass or 316 SS body
  • 200psi max (brass and SS) 150psi (PVC)
  • 200°F max (brass and SS) 130°F (PVC)
  • ±1.5% FS accuracy
  • Hot-tap allows insertion and removal with the pipe under pressure
  • High-quality ruby bearings for excellent low-flow performance and long life
  • One easily-replaced moving part
  • Square-wave frequency output can connect directly to PLC's or counter controls
  • Standard NPT threaded pipe fittings or saddles
  • Remote or meter mounted controls
  • Pickup exerts no magnetic drag on the rotor
  • Compatible with all SeaMetrics controls
  • 12 VDC current sinking pulse Hall Effect Sensor


The Seametrics IP150/250 series hot-tap paddlewheel flow sensors are adjustable depth insertion paddlewheels that come in brass, PVC or 316 stainless models to fit 3" to 40" pipe. Installation fittings are standard 2" NPT. Fittings such as saddles and weldolets may be purchased either locally or from Seametrics.

The "hot-tap" models can be installed or serviced without shutting down the line by means of a 2" full-port isolation valve that comes with a nipple for installation on the pipe fitting. In most circumstances, no special tool is required.

Ruby bearings and a non-drag Hall-effect sensor give these meters the widest flow range of any of the paddlewheel types. A sensor detects the passage of miniature magnets in the six rotor blades. The resulting square-wave signal can be sent for hundreds of feet over unshielded cable without a transmitter and connected directly to many PLC's and other controls without any additional electronics.

A modular system of electronics can be installed directly on the fl ow sensor or mounted remotely. The FT430 (externally powered with pulse), FT440 (loop powered), and FT450 (battery powered) all provide digital rate and total displays, as well as a programmable pulse; the FT440 also provides a 4-20 mA analog output. The AO55 is a blind analog (4-20 mA) transmitter.

Applications for the Seametrics IP150/250 Series Hot-Tap Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

  • Clean water
  • Large pipes
  • Aquariums, water parks
  • Water & wastewater monitoring


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