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  • 4 to 20 mA DC: 1 point
  • Contact: 2 points
  • 0.5 second response time
  • Transit-time measuring method
  • 0 to ±5 m/s (Min. 0 to ±0.2 m/s) measurement range
  • 1.2 mm to 4.9 mm piping thickness
  • -15 to 85°C (Can vary depending on ambient temperature)


The Fuji FSZ Ultrasonic Flow Meter features a 4 screw clamp-on style and requires no pipe modification. Configurable with only three buttons- turn on, configure four settings, and start measuring immediately. Special rubber is used to keep the pipe in close contact instead of grease. 

In addition to piping for pure water manufacturing processes, cleaning processes, and equipment cooling, it can also be mounted inside equipment where there is densely-spaced small-diameter piping. A built-in temperature measurement function enables simultaneous measurement of flow rate and temperature.

The FSZ can be installed to cold and hot water piping throughout the entire building. By measuring the flow rate, it facilitates more efficient fan coil unit (FCU) operations. Similarly, it also facilitates efficient operation of air handling units (AHU) for large spaces. The monitoring of flow rates contributes to energy savings.

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Part Number Pipe Size Power Supply Option Price Available
1/4" or 3/8"
20 to 27.5 V DC
With Pipe Temperature Sensor
$1,271.74 3 in stock
1/2" or 3/4"
20 to 27.5 V DC
With Pipe Temperature Sensor
$1,378.74 3 in stock
1" or 1-1/4"
20 to 27.5 V DC
With Pipe Temperature Sensor
$1,405.49 3 in stock
1" or 1-1/4"
20 to 27.5 V DC
$1,364.25 1 in stock

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