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  • Up to 266F° (130°C)
  • Hygienic connections for food & beverage applications
  • Twin measuring tubes
  • Easily drained and easy to clean
  • Resistant to installation and process effects
  • Long working life
  • Optimized flow divider for minimum pressure loss
  • Modular electronics with data redundancy - "plug & play" replacement of electronics


The KROHNE OPTIMASS 1000 coriolis mass flow meter is a cost effective solution for accurate measurement for a variety of flow applications. Suitable for all standard applications up to 266F° (130°C), the OPTIMASS 1000 offers an outstanding price-to-performance ratio for a measurement range of up to 6235 lbs/min.

KROHNE OPTIMASS 1000 coriolis mass flow meters offer excellent accuracy and repeatability for all measured values. In addition to mass flow and density measurements, the OPTIMASS 1000 reliably measures volume, temperature, volume concentration or solid content. The OPTIMASS 1000 is compatible with the KROHNE MFC 400 flow converter which can be either meter or remote mounted.

KROHNE OPTIMASS 1000 meters are designed to handle tough applications. Tube material is rugged stainless steel. The OPTIMASS 1000 is available with a wide range of options to tailor the meter to the application including a range standard flange and hygienic process connections. A number of hazardous area approvals, sanitary approvals, and calibration options are available as well.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Batching Ingredients with Variable Viscosity

The Background: The customer, an animal feed plant needed to replace old mechanical flow meters with something more accurate for their feed mixing application.

The Problem: The plant includes two pipelines which transport tallow and molasses, two of the ingredients, to the mixer. The ratio of these ingredient is very important for both the health of the animals and the profit margin of the plant.

The plant is not heated and is located in the Northeast making it prone to large seasonal temperature differences causing considerable variation in the density and viscosity of the ingredients, even when heat tracing is used on the piping.

The existing flow meters were not capable of monitoring and correcting for the density of the ingredients so the operators had to make judgement calls about how much tallow and/or molasses to put in each batch to account for any error in density.

The Solution: We recommended two Optimass 1000 Coriolis meters which measure the mass flow rate instead of the volumetric flow rate allowing precise, automatic dispensing of tallow and/or molasses at any temperature. This results in a more consistent product without the need to manually correct for viscosity.

High Accuracy Measurement of Diesel Fuel

The Background: Our customer is an engine manufacturer that builds large diesel engines used in transportation and mining. They seek a highly accurate flow meter to calibrate sensors which monitor the amount of fuel consumed by the engines during testing.

The Problem: As part of their both research & development and quality assurance protocols, the manufacturer regularly tests diesel engines in a laboratory environment. Part of this involves measuring the flow of diesel fuel to calibrate the sensors which monitor fuel consumption. The previously had a positive displacement meter but that meter was not accurate enough for their needs and they are now replacing it.

The Solution: We recommended a Krohne OPTIMASS 1000 coriolis mass flow meter which is a cost effective solution for accurate measurement in a variety of flow applications. The OPTIMASS 1000 is accurate to ±0.15% with a repeatability of 0.05% plus zero stability. In addition to mass flow and density measurements, the OPTIMASS 1000 reliably measures volume, temperature, volume concentration or solid content. Krohne OPTIMASS 1000 meters feature rugged stainless steel tubes and are available with hazardous area approvals.

Truck Mounted Chemical Distribution

The Background: The customer, a farm, is looking for a flow meter that can be mounted to a truck as it dispenses agrochemicals.

The Problem: The truck will dispense multiple agrochemicals. Chemical dispensing varies greatly by flow rate and batch size as well as density and viscosity and it's very important from cost and efficacy standpoints that the proper amount of each is applied

The Solution: We suggested a Krohne Optimass 1000 Coriolis flow meter paired with a KEP MINItrol Ratemeter / Totalizer. The Optimass 1000 measures mass flow directly and therefore can handle a range of fluids without losing accuracy. The MINItrol includes a remote discrete input allowing the customer to easily view and reset the totalizer between the different chemical flows